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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

12/7/2003 4:43:30 AM

Full Description & Details

It would take a book to explain all of mine, and friend’s encounters with UFOs. Please read my above statement, which explains my first sighting. As far as my friends or stories of others, none really stand out much. Mostly strange lights moving erratically in the night sky. I had a relative tell me of a sighting while she was on a night flight from Florida to Indiana. She explained the disk shaped craft as having the same erratic movements so familiar with most sightings, and a faint bluish green glow on the underside. The UFO seemed to follow the jet along side she claimed, while most where sleeping only two others witnessed the event seated on the east side of the plane. She stated it followed the plane for about twenty minutes, and then disappeared from her view. She added, that does not mean it was not behind, above, or below the plane because it moved in and out of her view several time during the sighting.

Other Comments

UFOs are a real and documented phenomenon.