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UFO Sighting Report


2004 August




Object was bright white in color-was in air-completely still ,then it started floating towards us changed shapes inverted -disappeared and then we saw it far far away a bright white dot.

Date Reported:

12/5/2005 1:27:16 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



30-45 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I'm a 51 yr old lady living with my 54 yr old brother and our -then-83 yr old mother now 84. It was a clear sat. afternooon-3:15 pm I was doing misc. jobs in the backyard when I noticed my mom trying to open the backdoor-a security screen with a sharp broken handle-now fixed.-thank goodness! My Mom doesn't usually go out back very often and is leary of my 74 # cattledog sampson. As I ran over to help her my brother Keith had come from his room-next to the back door to help also. As we helped my mom out I turned around to walk down the steps and for some reason I looked up iand noticed an object -I said hey what that? I thought it was a banner from a plane htat flys ads. The only thing was it didn't move and sometimes they barely budge moving into the wind being pulled by a smalll plane. We all saw it' but Keith (a skeptic) and quick to note- it's a weather balloon! I had looked at my watch of course and it did not move for 5-6 minutes the shape was un- clear,but as it began tomove towards us I noticed it was floating-there was a certain "wiggley";ool . There wasn't any tow-plane in site. Of course my brother didn't care wonder of worry about anything going back inside. This big white object was now a perfect bright white rectangle the corners were perfectly squared off-there were nothing but a bright rectange but suddenly it's once squared corners were perfectly rounded it inverted and disappeared you never saw it leave it was just gone but we saw it as far up towards the east as we could see. Took 35-45 min. Nothing scary but could not help but wonder where it came from.

Witness Background

was a house wife for 24 yrs now single I have a 31yr old son. Dental assistant Alway looking up in the sky day and or night have been interested in ufo's and other oddities-facts

Other Comments

My eldest brother and I have alway had the interest and drive to "look" to the heavens. I love aircraft and flew a "tow-plane " in north dakota without a bannerso I know what they look like

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