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UFO Sighting Report




El Paso, Texas, USA


On several occasions up to 2201. A light like a satellite, but it (1) went on and off, irregularly, and (2) made 90 degree turns.

Date Reported:

12/19/2005 5:53:49 PM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I have seen these things since 1960. The incident referred to above included my 2 nieces and my half-sister, in Fall of 1961.

Why I'm really writing is for help. I'm 61, although I'm younger than I was 40 years ago. I'm constantly mistaken for a young man. I had a long career in manufacturing management, but I can no longer get a job, because, immediately when I enter a room to be interviewed, my credibility comes into question.

I do take responsibility for this, in spite of the fact that it is mainly due to my health, because I guess it is true that I do think "young." I really have not changed much in forty years. If anything, I've gotten stronger.

I don't know what to do about this. I do know now that my mother, who was a 42-year-old divorced woman when I was born, was absolutely astonished that she had a fourth child, since she didn't even have a boyfriend, and was just trying to survive after being dumped by the father of her other three kids (my half-brother and 2 half-sisters, the closest being my half-brother, who was 11 years older than me).

I run--and I live for the out-of-doors. I could go on. My life is vibrant and healthy, in spite of the total failure of a business career. I feel extremely guilty about this, and I'm constantly trying to get my career going again, but I just get nowhere.

I'm contacting you not exactly because I believe I'm an "abductee." I just can't help but feel that I'm some kind of a product of a non-ordinary-reality pop and a wonderful, long-deceased Earthly mom.

I need help. I need to try to find myself. I want to find my origins.

I love the Earth desperately. I went from being a non-religious monster Methodist kid to becoming a dedicated Roman Catholic teenager in 1960. But, due to my anger at the imense gulf between what Christianity claimed and how it really is, I became a juanst in 1973, (non-peyote, conserviative, highly-disciplined and highly-responsible for every action), and, even though married to my wonderful wife in the Catholic Church in 1977, I continue to be an animist distance-running, very private, very conscious, loving juanist.

I need help. I need to find out where I'm really from. I can tell an analyst of specific events, going back to when I was an infant, that I still remember.

Yet I don't remember any specific kind of "abduction." I sincerely believe that, whoever I really belong to, they are very different from the "grays" we are so familiar with.

I sincerely believed I am blessed. I am a very modest, private person, married (obviously) to a very mature, very patient woman, with a great sense of humor.

Is there anyone you can suggest who can help me find out who I really am? I love the Sacred Earth, and I can most sincerely say that I feel much more at home totally "alone," wandering and/or hiking and/or exploring, the Wild, beautiful Earth, totally far outside any city, far away from all humanity, than I do in any kind of group or crowd or team or anything.

People constantly disappoint me. I'm sorry to sound arrogant. But ever since 1960, I've had a very hard time just trying to understand why people don't have the strength of character or maturity to just be people, and to just allow others to just be people.

I feel alien among people. But I feel at home in the Free Earth.

Can you help me, or give me any clues?


Old Stan Bas (who looks 30, unfortunately, I guess...?)

Witness Background

Born in my grandmother's old house (they were pioneers who came to the Rio Grande Valley in the mid-1800s) in central El Paso. Birh certificate is bogus on the father's side; friends later in life from the old neighborhood kidded me a lot about that. Mother became invalid in 1958. I took care of her, we living in a small 1-bedroom apt, until she died my senior HS year. I have been totally on my own since (1/2 brother and sisters essentially considered my a bastard, and actually kind of blamed me for my mother's death from smoker's cancer). I wanted to go to college. I served 4 years in USAF during Vietnam. I got out, and put myself through college. I've worked since then (1970). I was VERY bitter, until 1972. briefly, I learned how to meditate, and at the age of 28, I went through an amazing change that probably saved my life. I married at 33 years, and I am still married to the same wonderful, decent woman. We had no children. I've had a rocky career, mostly in private sector human resources management. It is so odd--at 61 years of age, I should be very scared, but I'm not at all scared. I don't really know why. My wife, a very stable, conservative HR Manager, trusts me without question or doubt. I don't know why. Whe also loves me. I love her totally. I live to run, or to hike. I honestly do believe I become a different person when I run. I honestly can't explain it, except that I love the Sacred Earth. The Earth blesses me. I belong to Nature.

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Glendale, CA, USA