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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

12/20/2005 10:47:44 PM



Full Description & Details

My name is Robby Walker. My mother and twin brother have an extensive history of on-going visits and encounters beginning in 1968 thru 2003. There's so much to share. I have great reluctance to share these incidents involving the three of us because it became so second nature to me. Until now, I have never really been able to disclose to officials our story...my story. I know that somehow I escaped their intention of erasing memories completely. My twin will verify these facts but he won't discuss them outside the family. My mother has just recently began to recall images that ensure me that these events are fact. I can't explain just how much it would help me to unload. If there are serious officials who can help us, reply to this plea for help. In aiding my credibility, I do have physical evidence on my body that have somehow remained. I emplore you to understand that this is a serious request.

Reported Sighting? 



Robby J. Walker

Your Location: 

Wyandotte, OK USA