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UFO Sighting Report


November, 1984


Wanaque/Ringwood section, New Jersey, United States


I was driving home from work when I spotted lights above my head. It was a winding road that went around the entire reservoir. I pulled off the road and stared up at 3 colored lights, in a triangle( After looking at your site, I found one on the vidoes that is similar but not the same. It is on www.alieneight.com/x/ufo11.jpg I am fasinated with this and would like to be more involved.

Date Reported:

12/28/2005 9:33:54 AM

Comments about the image(s): The witness says that the above photo of a UFO (taken during the Belgium UFO sightings) is similar to the object that she had seen. "I found [a picture of a UFO] on the vidoes that is similar but not the same [to the object that I witnessed]."

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 

not sure


Not sure I left before it did..

Size of Object(s)

It seemed quite large - about 25 feet wide but It could have been larger because I do not know how close it actually was.

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was a very curvy, winding road that went around a reservoir that is known for sightings. It is a very large reservoir and at that time, another one was being built to make this one bigger. The object was actually right in the vicinity of where the construction was . As a matter of fact, the exact spot that I was on at the time of the sighting is now under water and so is the road I was on. The extension of the reservoir is complete and the exact spot is not reachable

Full Description & Details

I was driving home, around Wanaque Reservoir, in late November of 1984, when I saw something strange above me. After I pulled off the road, I got out of my car and stared up at a sight never before seen. It was around 5 pm in the evening and it had been dark for maybe 15 minutes. The object never made a sound. There were three colored lights, arranged in a triangle. They seemd to be left, in the middle and then to the right. I must have been direclty under it because I could see a circle of small white lights which seemed to be under the three larger colored lights. There was a white strobe light that flickered around the smaller white ones.

I don't know how long I was there, but I was only 10 minutes from home and did not arrive there until after 6pm. I called the local authorities to ask if anyone else had seen anything and the response, of course, was laughter.

There is a picture very similar but different on your site with the list of sightings. ufo11.jpg to be exact.

I have had another very strange thing happen to me as a child that I always thought was just a nightmare. However, after seeing some of the other stories people have told, I now question what exactly it was because, it seems others have experienced the same occurrence.

Needless to say, I am a firm believer in UFO's and believe the government is keeping it quiet for fear that some people will panic.

After seeing the sightings in Brazil and the Colares Island, I wonder how our government can be so secretive and say it with a straight face.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Absolutely not a star or a planet or a cloud. It was too close and silent, so it was not a helicopter. I asked the police and they said no helicopter was in the area. Besides, I never saw a helicopter that looked like this.

Witness Background

I am a single grandmother raising my special needs grandson. I have had one year of college and presently work full time as a staffing coordinator for a health care agency. I also am an author (see my web site vkezzo.com) I wrote a book regarding this incident, "De Ja Vue", but I am not sure the world is ready for that one, so it is tucked away in my files.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have always been interested in UFO's , even before this sighting. I have become more involved since this incident because it has made me a believer. I watch every program I can and actually wonder why our government is so secretive when the evidence is so apparent. It probably is due to the fact that it would cause many people to question God and their beliefs and would open up a whole new era for mankind. Maybe we should refer to the UFO's as our ancestors instead of aliens. Wouldn't that create a ourtcry heard round the world?.

Other Comments

I would like to be more involved in the research end of the entire question fo UFO's. Sooner or later the world will have to realize that there is something concrete to this phenomenon. I wonder if it will be in my lifetime.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

local police


Victoria K. Ezzo

Your Location: 

Vernon, New Jersey USA



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