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UFO Sighting Report


January, 1, 2006


Tucson, Arizona, United States


Unidentifiable orange lights seen in sky above Tucson during New Years floating steadily above and to the left of a fireworks show going on lower in the sky. 10 witnesses who saw it at the same time together. One partygoer filmed it.

Date Reported:

1/10/2006 12:08:28 PM

Sighting Time: 

12:00 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



2 minutes 30 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

From what I remember, the lights were all the same size, round, and orange. They were the same brightness, not very bright, but not dim either. I don't remember how many lights there were, but I do remember that they formed a geometrical pattern, similar to a "W" shape, and stayed symmetrical the entire time as they moved in unison from the right to the left of the sky, at a constant slow rate. When it started to fade, just the first few lights that made up the tips of the W started to fade, then disappeared. A bit later a couple more lights lower to those ones faded in unison, leaving a single, eerie orange light, which faded out as well.

Size of Object(s)

Relative size estimate: 4 inches across Actual size estimate: 600 feet across, 600 feet high

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Estimated distance and altitude: 9 miles away, 10,000 ft altitude

Description of Area / Surroundings

Suburban area. Surrounding areas include suburban flat mesa, houses, trees, power and telephone lines. No buildings above 3 stories in the area.

Full Description & Details

At a New Years party, just after the ball dropped on television at midnight, January 1, 2006, my fiancee had made the announcement to the party to "go see the lights out in the sky", and I had taken it to mean a fireworks show so I helped round up people to see the fireworks and headed out to the front door patio. There was one show in the city that was close enough to our location to be visible in the sky, and as I was about to enter the house to round up more people to view the show, I heard my fiancee say "look, over there, do you see it?". I heard a partygoer say "what is that?", and as my eyes searched the sky in curiosity I saw it too. I viewed it for a few seconds and realized that it was something I had never seen before and didn't act like anything in the sky I had seen before, and I knew from the comments and reactions within the crowd they they were as perplexed and in awe as I was, some were just silent. I quickly went in the door to make sure there was nobody lagging inside, and noticed that there were at least eight people outside, everyone's eyes on the sky, and as the house looked empty I quickly went back outside to where I was standing to view it. A few seconds later I noticed my fiancee's sister recording it with her digital camcorder she had just received for christmas.

I later learned from an account by my fiancee, who was the one that first noticed the lights, as well as the first one to inform everyone about it (when he went around the party telling people to come outside and go see the lights in the sky, he meant it literally but as the time was right at New Years after the ball dropped I mistakenly took his saying "lights" to mean "fireworks"). He had noticed it minutes before in the car while driving on the way over to the party, and the following is his account of what transpired:

I was coming back from the store at around 11:55 and saw six orange-yellow colored lights in the sky. The lights were grouped in two perfect triangles, each light was at a corner of the triangle. The two triangles were the exact same size, side by side horizontally, and the triangle on the right was slightly lower than the one on the left. They moved at a slow constant rate towards the city, without changing shape or moving apart. They remained in the shape of perfect isosceles trangles, each light keeping the same distance from the other lights in the triangle while moving at a slow constant rate. While viewing the lights one of the triangles disappeared, the other remained for a few more minutes before disappearing as well.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

It may have been a dud firework, if dud fireworks behave in a bizarre way and stay lit for a longer duration than usual fireworks do. New military aircraft being tested.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I've always been fascinated by UFO stories and sightings, and what I knew from them came mostly from shows on television about various sightings. I wished I would see one as I had an open mind about it but knew that there would always be a doubt in me until I saw one in the sky. I used to think it would be amazing to see one, but now after the few minutes of awe and imagination, all I have left is more questions than the answers I had before I saw it and a nagging sense of responsibility to tell people about it, and tell it as accurately and truthfully as possible not only in case it is a UFO, but also in case it isn't and can be explained, and this responsibility weighs on me.

Other Comments

Not only will I, but also my fiancee send in a drawing, so I will send a total of two drawings.

As I said before, my fiancee's sister videotaped the UFO. I will see if she still has a saved copy of it and transfer it to a computer format, and send it to the email that I sent the drawings to.

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Your Location: 

Tucson, AZ USA

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