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UFO Sighting Report


i was about 6 or 7


Paducah, Kentucky


Date Reported:

12/11/2003 4:51:24 PM

Full Description & Details

i was a little boy and i was out driving around with my dad and we were driving around and it was late and not many houses were there and i saw a giant massive disc overhead and then it stopped just directly above us it was more briliant than anything in the movies i could see it clearly it couldnt have been any higher than 90 feet in the air and the strangest thing was for something that massive to stay in flight it and stay so perfectly still as it did as i was looking at it in wonderment and not blow any air downward for somereason and i told my dad to look out the window and just ass he got his window down it far enough for him to be able to look directly above us it sped off with speeds i didnt even think were possile and there was no sonic boom or anything.

I also saw one one time on my grandmas road and it flew direclty past the telephone poles at slow speeds just above the houses

Other Comments

im sure it was no plane or a missile like they said it was i always figured i probably not ought to tell nobody because they think i might be crazy but reading your site has made me realize i should tell the truth if i see somthing because i think they could really help us out alot but i dont think we could plan it or use them for information ive never seen one and i dont know if they look like the creatures yall call greys but when i saw that craft i knew they were far superior to uss by at least 500 years or to 5000 i dont know our technology is always growing stronger year by year now and i dont think intersteller travel is to far off maybe just a generation or two but i do know they are greater than us and its safe to assume that they could outthink us in every way imaginable and probably aren't some dumb bears that you can set a trap for

maybe they dont even have war maybe they dont fight if youve read

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card you know then that the buggers shared a group conscius i would believe it entirely impossible for a race to have such attributes and at the same time be independant and if such a race existed there would be no war only understanding and they could share knowledge and advance so much quicky if you consider how many inventions we have probably lost due to lack of knowing like the rumor that their was a car made that can get 75 dollars a gallon but was destroyed to protect the oil industry such a race would have no crime or money for as a group consciious they would have a great empathy toward one another being able to feel each others feeling thoughts and history and they would have perfect understanding and if one wanted to kill they would know it before it happened and could stop it

without the distractions of stopping crime or unjustice and no wars or squabbles one could assume that since all shared a viewpoint theere would be no arguing and on could devote the race to tthe only thing left spirituality or technology and there would be no need fo rreligeon because all could know all faiths at the same time and when you take that alll you have left to provide is food or technology and then u could just as easily eat the dead and focus on technology water and medicine and those would be the only problems the group conscious would not be able to solve simply by existing but they would be solved easy enough with a billion minds thinkina as one always reproducing and growing in knowledge and wisdon and technology

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Jesse Ray Wilkins

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Paducah, Kentucky