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UFO Sighting Report


perhaps four years ago, winter


New York City, believe it or not


Date Reported:

12/11/2003 8:10:03 PM

Full Description & Details

I saw a light crossing the night sky that split into two, then three, then four, and maybe more, separate lights. All of the lights continued moving in the direction of the original light, across the sky, and did not appear to fall, which I assume they would have had they been flares dropped from the original light (well, airplane, in that instance). The original object was traveling much too slowly to have been a meteor or other bolide breaking up in the atmosphere--or so I think. I distinctly remember that I had the impression that it was not a natural object of that sort, but rather an object--objects--under intelligent control.

I wish I had written down precisely what happened right after I saw it, because the details are now a little fuzzy. But I remember being very perplexed by it. I am an amateur astronomer, and this was something I had never seen before. I don't know what it was--I'm not prepared to say it was an alien spacecraft or anthing of the sort--but it was definitely something I could not identify.

Other Comments

I am a skeptic, but I'm interested in the topic--I think there's enough evidence of something going on to warrant greater attention. Also, one often hears from (other) skeptics and debunkers that astronomers--i.e., people accustomed to observing the night sky and familiar with its various phenomena, from eclipses to apparitions of the planets to meteors, etc.--never report seeing unusual objects in the sky. Well, I just did.

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Ken Schneider

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New York, NY