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UFO Sighting Report


10/97 or 98


Clinton Utah, USA


Date Reported:

12/12/2003 10:52:36 PM

Full Description & Details

Twice, Once my husband woke me up at about 5 am and made me come out and look at this huge craft with lights hovering to the side of my neighbors house. It was about 100 feet in the air. It was huge with triangular lights around the outside , and a light in the middle that seemed to open and close, sorta like a jellyfish propells itself. I stood right under it and so did my daughter and my neighbor.

It was reported in the paper, Ogden Standard Examiner. A police man was quoted in the article . He was upset because the Air Force Base said that it was the car lights reflecting off the clouds. He said that it wasn't that they were covering it up. I went to the school where I work the next morning and our janitor was talking about it. He was plowing the field behind his house and saw it. It moved from Layton across to Hooper and then over the Ogden area and finally settled in the Roy Clinton area. Many witnesses . When I stood under it, it seemed to be inside a coud, all I could see where these lights inside the cloud. It was there over 3 hours and raised higher and higher until it was gone. It made a slight humming noise.

Other Comments

I think it is and interesting concept. I do believe in them. I live by Hill Air Force Base so this could have been some kind of new plane or something. Both my sightings have been located over and near the base.

It seems to be impossible that we would be the only life in the Universe. If it happened on earth it could happen anywhere.

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Amy Kohler

Your Location: 

Clinton, Ut USA


School Secretary



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