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UFO Sighting Report


Augest of2001




Date Reported:

12/14/2003 12:31:18 PM

Full Description & Details

camping in northern minnesota,about 2:00 AM sitting by the camp fire under some very tall jack pine trees the sky was clear and was full of stars no moon lite. It was a very dark summer nite the fire was very big and made a lot of lite so all four of us could easily see each other and keep warm as we sat and talked. There was no drinking or drugs as we are church going people. Our two kids were sleeping in the camper, My wife and I and my wifes mom and dad were just sitting around the fire talking All of a sudden not more than 10 feet above the tree line right above us a bright white lite appeard, it was so brite when you looked at it you couldnt see anything but the brite white lite. Just as quick as it appeard itshot at a very high speed into the sky and disappeard all with in a matter of seconds. I looked at my father in law and asked did you see that he replyed yes what was it I asked he didnt know none of us do. It happened so fast with out making any sound at all.

Other Comments

Never realy believed it was possible, but after what we saw that nite it makes me think what else could it have been.

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Rick Olson

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Northern Minnesota