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UFO Sighting Report




Darrington,WA 98241


Date Reported:

12/14/2003 3:52:40 PM

Full Description & Details

the ufo was very high in the night sky so it looked like a ball of bright light it seemed to swoop down and follow 2 jetliners and then sped up and into the last star of the bid dipper and was gone the other jets going by wre still visible and the night was clear and there were no trees or obstructions me and my brother witnessed this and were astonished we also realized that we both felt a telepathic link with the ufo am so we belive it is intelegent although it diddend communicate we felt as if it had scaned our minds.

Other Comments

the big scam is that these ufos havent been seen before but in the Holy Bible the scriptures refer to the heavens and angels litteraly and thier disriptions are uncanny

for instance Isaiah, Eziekial, and Revalations, there is a sripture in the new testement that remarks as is God so is man, as is man so the angels are in our image and as is the Ape in our image. i belive this is in Collosassians any way get the point Man Ape and Angels are all Hominids .coincidence i think not

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to an government ufo web site



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Monroe,WA 98272