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UFO Sighting Report


mid 90s ('94-'95)


Belgium, Hasselt


Date Reported:

12/16/2003 5:50:59 AM

Full Description & Details

I was walking outside during the day being a kid, while I noticed something 'unusual' hanging in the sky.

It moved slowly, and made no sound.

Whenever it moved behind a tree I walked until I could see it again, I didn't feel fear but felt absolute fascination.

The craft seemed to be constructed of a black shiny metal, and in closest resamblance the shape of a drop with an oval shape in the side. (in my interpretation back then it was a window in the same material as the rest of the craft, I only could see the right side of it while it moved Northwards).

I kept gazing at it in fascination, and needed to move several times to be able to see it. Each time I moved I felt like what I just saw wasn't real and needed to check it again to make sure, or I thought I had saw something I interpretated wrongly and would be able to make out what it was if I saw it again.

I think it took in whole about 10 to 15 minutes, until I couldn't follow it any further.

It's speed seemed to be continious, and extremely slow.

I knew this wasn't anything flying as I've seen before, more so cause it was day; the shape could be made out very clear because of the low altitude it was traveling at, and didn't match up with anything else I've seen before and after.

Other Comments

In the 90s there was official focus on ufo's in Belgium, I seem to recall our government having F-16s prepared to fligh out after multiple sightings to check out / intercept the crafts being reported.

(ppl were asked over the news to report sightings of 'strange lights').

This turned out to be the stealth-bomber, which wasn't the same shape(triangular) as what I've had observed.

In general, I don't know what oppinion to form about UFO's, maybe by the high amount of speculations. But I find it a fascinating field non regardless.

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Tim V.L.

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Belgium, Leuven