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UFO Sighting Report


around 1997


Richmond, Indiana


Date Reported:

12/16/2003 8:44:03 PM

Full Description & Details

We were having a bbq about 6 years ago, around 1997, and we, me, my father, my stepmom, and here 3 kids were on the back porch of her town house. My dad looked up into the sky and he grabbed my arm and said, "Look Jason!" I looked up and saw a small object high in the sky dancing around in ways I have never seen an aircraft move before. Everyone else that was on the porch looked up and we all watched it. From what I saw, I first saw it on the right side of the sky, which would be in the North side of the sky and it hovered their for about 1.5min. It then shot to the South side of the sky in a speed that I have never seen. It shot back and fourth like that for a good 10min total. The object was circular, probably due to the distance and we couldn't make out a clear make of the shape. It was metallic and I have never seen anything like it since that day.

Other Comments

I believe that they may be beings sent by God. As beings, I mean like Angles. Not creatures form other planets.

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Richmond, IN