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UFO Sighting Report


Approx. December 9th.


Nevada/California border


Date Reported:

12/16/2003 11:18:22 PM

Full Description & Details

I was driving home one bright sunny day from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on I-15. While in the desert, I was just looking at the landscape, mountains etc. when in the far far distance, I saw a very bright dot in the sky. I kept on reverting my eyes back and forth from object to the road. It had seemed to be hovering for about a minute or so, then I totally lost it. Not sure if it disappeared or what, but I was looking right at it, and before you know it, it was gone. I would NEVER even consider reporting something like this.....I'm a respectable 30 year old Vice President of an Insurance company. I'm not the type to 'dream' or create folklore. What I saw could have been a shiny balloon or something, I really don't know. I know it wasn't an airplane, however it was something unidentified by my naked eye. Considering it took place in the southwest US in a high mountainous area in the desert, it coincides with previous accounts in similar type areas.

Other Comments

I am on the fence about the hole phenomena. While I believe the universe is too large to be alone, I commend the government because they do a great job of covering this up for all these years. To have as many sightings as their are and to have the public totally in the dark about this amazes me. So with that being said, I am skeptical. Too many people are conjuring up stories that takes credibility from someone like myself who needs to see something to believe it.

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Dennis Meade

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Los Angeles, CA