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UFO Sighting Report


night time about 12-1:00 a.m.


biloxi mississippi


Date Reported:

12/17/2003 2:12:40 AM

Full Description & Details

in 1988 i was a reserve police officer for biloxi police dept. about 11:38 that night a dispatcher called me on the radio and told me to call them on a phone .i made the call to the dispatcher and she told me she just got a call about some lights over the water in ocean springs just east of biloxi. i told the dispatcher i would look and call her back. i parked my patrol car and walked out onto a fishing pier atpoint cadet.i looked around and saw what i was looking for. till this day i don't what it was i was looking at. what i saw was lights red blue yellow moving and passing back and forth from left to right. i called the dispatcher back and told her i see the lights you told me to look for and it's not a boat and it's not in the water it's above the water and i don't know what it is. we talk a little bite longer and hungup.i watched the lights for about fives hours.the sun was starting to come up so i walked away to use the room. i was gone about 5 mins, when i got back and looked over the water the lights were gone .i drove to ocean springs to look around and i found boats lots of boats. but not one boat had eney lights on them.

Reported Sighting? 



anthony martishius

Your Location: 

gulfport miss.usa