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UFO Sighting Report


January, 2000


Bremerhaven, Germany


A very bright light coming from the sky in a zigzag movement directly toward us whithout a noise.

Date Reported:

2/25/2006 3:43:09 AM

Sighting Time: 

1 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



apprx 10 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

A very, very bright light. Too bright to recognize a shape behind it.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

30 meters high

Description of Area / Surroundings

A suburban housing area near a small forest. A peaceful area.

Full Description & Details

Bremerhaven, Germany 25 Feb. 2006

What I am about to write happened in winter, I beleive it was 2000. The night was cold and the sky was clear – no wind. I was going down a street in my home town together with the son of my friend. An area with very little traffic during the day. It was about one o’clock and no traffic at all. A suburban housing area. He was 21 and I was 41 at the time. (Me and him never really talked about it again afterwards. Only words like: Unbelievable. If we tell somebody they will say that we are crazy). Since there was no wind that night was very quiet and we could hear our own footsteps. As we were walking we had to look to the sky because there was a very bright light coming from far in a zigzag kind of movement very fast direktely towards us. It stopped in about a hight of 30 meters above us. It is hard for me to say how wide the light was. It was not small. It was so bright that we could not see a shape of anything behind it. It shined directly at us for about maybe 10 seconds. We could not do anything but stare at it – without making a move. As soon as it had come down to its position it left. Whatever it was I can only name it something that I have not heard of existing in our world of flighing objects. It was so fast. I have not heard of any plane, helicopter or anything known to us humans on this earth. And it made NO sound at all. After it left in a zigzag way (very, very fast) until it was gone for good. We stared at eachother at first with big eyes and after a while we were only able to say: What was that??? What WAS that?? Kept walking stammering words like: I don’t believe this, what WAS that? ……I am a realist and I am a sceptical person. I always think twice about things. Trying to look at things from all perspectives. And I am able to speak out when I do not have an explanation for something. And I have to do exactely that in this case. I do not know WHAT that was. …..I had to write this down for someone to see. I it had not happened to me I would have problems believing it myself. Liane

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Not at all! For sure!

Witness Background

I am a Clerk. It is my job to arrange service for saftey equipment, livesaving equipment and fire extinguishers for vessel worldwide.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I had seen reports about UFOs on TV before. I have only witnessed one UFO

Reported Sighting? 


Your Location: 

Bremerhaven, Germany