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UFO Sighting Report


Months ago.




Date Reported:

12/21/2003 8:27:08 AM

Full Description & Details

A night with worries in my mind. I didn't get to sleep at night. Imsonia. I was just tossing and turning on my bed. Then, I looked outside the window. Guess what did I see? A green light, blinkin' and it's so unpredictable. I was just enjoyin' the lights. I know it's some extraordinary items floating and I know it's something that no one would believe. Before all that, I always want to see UFOs or anything from other planets. I believe whatever I've seen it's a flying object with green lights (really stunning bright lights) outside my window. It was a very small object. I can't identify whether it was a toy plane but I am very sure WHO THE HECK wants to play with that in the middle of the night when everyone else were sleeping except me probably around the neighborhoods. I am very curious about life @ other planet. And I do believe the Roswell incident was REAL. Well, let's not guess and hope NASA will do their best job to locate the life in Mars.

Other Comments

I believe UFOs are real. They do exist. Sometimes, human is extremely intelligent that some may CREATE the UFOs or machine to make the peeps on earth curious about it. Human could lie about just anything. So, whether it is true or not about the existence of UFOs.. it's all about evidence!!

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