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UFO Sighting Report




Los Alamos, New Mexico, Nevada Test Site


Date Reported:

12/22/2003 4:35:26 PM

Full Description & Details

During the period from 1947 through 1949 I was a Lieutenant in the Atomic Energy

Security Service at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Because we had many guards in towers during the night we were able to log hundreds sightings of "flying green fireballs". The Air Force "Blue Book" project (also called Project Cook stove and Project Delta) involved the FBI, the AEC, Professor Lincoln LaPaz from the University of New Mexico and a number of Air Force consultants. The Air Force interviewed dozens of our Los Alamos guards, comparing their sightings with color charts. The consultants concluded that the green fireballs closely resembled burning copper. I personally saw two of them. One relatively small one zipped over Los Alamos around dusk and was observed by a wide variety of people. I saw the next one when I was Director of Security at the Nevada Test Site. It was a huge fireball which lit up the entire desert at about 3 AM. I suspected that these were classified air force projects, possibly experimental jets. In 1952, the CIA established so-called Area 51 at the north end of the Nevada Test Site as the launch site for the U-2's. The so-called alien craft which crashed in New Mexico in 1949 (or thereabouts) was actually a metallized balloon carrying detectors designed to collect residue from Soviet bomb tests. There were no little green men.

Earle D. Hightower, 14308 Marian Drive, Rockville, Maryland (301) 948-9191

Other Comments

As indicated above, I suspected that they were classified Air Force jet tests.

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Atomic Energy Commission


Earle D. Hightower

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14308 Marian Drive, Rockville, Maryland


Retired Asst. Director of Security, Dep. Energy