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UFO Sighting Report


summer of 1999


St Petersburg Fl.


Date Reported:

12/23/2003 6:43:56 PM

Full Description & Details

While playing frizbee with two other friends of mine at an old drive in (playing 3 way in a triangle) i noticed something off in the distance to the west. The object was moving in our direction I didn't pay it much attention at first untill it stopped moving at that point I brought it to my fellow players attention. As we watched it move in the sky we started to walk toward each other. We began trying to explain to each other what the object was. We were stumped, Chopper "no way look how its moving" Kite "not a chance" as the object grew closer we could see that it was a triangle or a combination of several triangles creating the shape of one large triangle. The individual triangles where turning and rotaing at the same time looking more like pyramids. I looked at the object for what seemed like an eternity. It was chrome like with a blurred aura and strange embossed markings on what looked like tubes of its main frame. I pulled my eyes from it and looked at my friends they too looked at me at the same time with terror on their faces. Thats all the cue i needed I started to walk toward the wood line as my friends followed. The object followed no higher than stones throw just clearing the tree tops. We made our way to my place that was just across the road where i ran inside to get my roomate as we came back outside the object moved away straight up reducing in visual size to about the size of a small stone. My roomate was amaized "What was that?" my reply was "I have no idea but it scared the hell out of us". Later that day we saw on the news that a young boy had drowned in the canal just to the west of us in the same area we first noticed the object.

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Clearwater Florida


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