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UFO Sighting Report




brunswick new york


Date Reported:

12/24/2003 6:53:45 PM

Full Description & Details

9 pm and dark, saw 3 lights triangular saped,aprx. 70 yards max being backgrounded by large hill. hovered for several seconds, totaly quiet, apx 10 to 15 feet off the ground. them moved along the base of the hill to a treeline, and followed the treeline to the top of the hill rose to a hight of maybe 60/70 feet,stopped for a couple seconds then at a very very high rate of speed, zipped to invisibility,in less than 2 seconds,toward the south east. no sound was ever heard, being a teenager at the time we (there were several of us) thought nothing more of this untill we returned an hour latter to call it a night, and there was a police car at my nieghbors house,and he came to ask questions , now I can't remember any more if anythig came of it

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