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UFO Sighting Report


November 2003


Belle Vernon PA USA


Small object seen in sky

Date Reported:

12/25/2003 6:43:52 PM

Full Description & Details

I was driving off of I-70 and looked into up and saw what seemed to be very high a round small metalic object. It was a cold but bright November day. I could tell it was above the clouds 30,000ft+? It was moving faster than an aircraft could possibly move. It dissapeared suddenly after I saw it. I was studying to be a pilot about a year ago and have over 60 hours of flight time in a small aircraft and can recognze an aircraft easily.

Witness Background


Other Comments

I Have always had an interest in UFOs To me it is impossible that alien life is not visiting earth. There is definitly some kind of cover-up.

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Charleroi PA USA