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UFO Sighting Report




Connecticut, USA


JUST like a shooting star, but reversed

Date Reported:

1/7/2004 12:12:33 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

About 10 years ago me and my cousin both saw what must have been a UFO.

It was about 7pm at night and we were near his home in connecticut, at a school down the street. The sky was clear and the sun was about to set. You could see all the stars, and there were no clouds. We were looking at the sunset and talking, and we noticed something in the sky. It was moving slowly like an airplane, but what made us stare was the trail of golden "sparks" it left in the sky as it flew.

We've seen jets, which leave a trail of smoke, but this was a sparkling golden trail that dissapeared as it went along. So we watched it move slowly for about 5-10 minutes, and then, similar to a shooting star it went UP in sort of an arc shape, FAST. First down slightly, and then very quickly up and out of sight. JUST like a shooting star, but reversed.

We both just looked at each other like "what the hell was that?"

We had trouble believing what we saw, or coming up with an excuse for what it could've been. Nothing moves like that! not a jet, not a balloon, a rocket, nothing.

It had to be some type of spacecraft.

To this day we have not reported of nor spoken of the incident again,

and save for this posting, I want to keep it that way..

( please do not collect or disclose my personal information i do not wish to speak of this again ! )

Other Comments

There must be a good reason why our government won't tell us about all of this, however truthful it all may be. The fact that they hide it so vigorously and obviously, is just as good as telling everyone, in my honest opinion. So they may as well just tell the people instead of coming off as dishonest. It has to make you wonder why they "can't" tell us, and to question who is really in charge of that decision.

If you ask me to talk about this in person I will not make any comments.

(please do not collect or disclose my personal information i do not wish to speak of this again, ever. I didn't see an ET nor was I abducted, and as far as I'm concerned they still do not exist, so please leave me alone and don't come after me asking about UFO's! )

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