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UFO Sighting Report


March, 1996


North County Dublin, Ireland


A wedge-shaped dark craft was seen flying low. A red, white and blue/green outline of a triangle then appeared in the sky and stayed in the same position for approximately 5 seconds before disappearing.

Date Reported:

5/31/2006 1:20:24 PM

Comments about the image(s): "Using an image editing program I have come up with a very basic picture to understand the event being described. It is not a perfectly accurate picture but the scale of the crafts as shown are pretty much what I remember. The sky is too dark, but again it's just to indicate what exactly I am describing."

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



total - 8 minutes, triangle 5 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

1st object - Wedge-shaped, with a nose-cone and a sort of aerodynamic shape, although unfamiliar. Dark coloured, slightly lighter than night sky. No lights visible. 2nd object - Equilateral triangle shape composed of three connected bars of colour, upright, red on the top point and sides, dullish white/silver on the left sides, and green/blue type colour on the right ends. Colours remained constant, and while bright were not spectalularly bright, certainly less so than the Moon. Colours did not change, move, flicker, brighten or darken.

Size of Object(s)

Object 1(dark craft) - relative size - about 3 cm across - actual size - difficult to say but maybe 8 (length) x 4 metres (height) based on relativity to tree height Object 2 (triangle) - relative size - about 4 cm across - actual size - probably around 10 metres across (and base to peak as it's equilateral) hard to tell as it was flying higher than the frames of reference

Description of Area / Surroundings

Rural area, primarily farmland with crops and cattle. Dublin airport is approximately 20-25 kilometres away, nearest military airport about 35 kilometres (Baldonnel).

Full Description & Details

As I was being driven home with my family at approximately 23:30 after a show in the school where my mother worked as vice-principal, I took to my usual habit of staring blankly out the window. In this part of Dublin it is very rural and it was dark at that time with none of the orange streetlight pollution I'm used to. Approximately 15 to 20 minutes into the journey while driving along the backroads I noticed what looked like a large wedge-shaped object flying what looked like very low, and maintaining pace with the car (maybe a kilometre or two away). I dismissed this at the time as a plane, although it was black and had no lights, and could only barely be made out against the sky (although I should point out that this lower part of the sky was a bit brighter). However that was not the main incident. A few minutes after I had been observing this craft, I noticed a triangle shape which appeared in the sky, stationary. It was much higher up than the other craft. My late dad and brother noticed this as well. It was an equilateral triangle outline, with the three colours at each end, red on top, white/silver on the left, and a sort of blue-green colour on the right end. These colours were in the form of solid bars which linked up to form a triangle of colour; it is possible that the three were the lights of a black craft but I could not discern this (though the skies were clear at the time). The colours did not flicker, change shape, or become brighter or dimmer, they just remained constant as a triangle shape. This shape held the same position in the sky for approximately 5 seconds, though it's difficult to tell exactly, it could have been 3 to 10 seconds. When this occured I sat there silently and after it happened noticed the other craft was still flying low to the ground. My dad exclaimed when he saw it, and got my mam to pull the car over at the next chance, but it was gone. My dad then noticed the second object (the first I had noticed, the wedge-shaped one) when we were driving home, saying that there was "another one", and I continued to monitor it until it passed behind some trees in the distance and couldn't be seen any longer, and then it was no longer there. I dismissed the first sighting as a plane as it appeared somewhat plane shaped although there was no sound from it or lighting and it was approximately 1000-1500 metres away - the weird thing was it seemed to be keeping exact pace with the car (and it was quite a remote place with not many other cars around). The second sighting, the triangle shape, I considered as unknown, possibly the lights of some flying vehicle. I discovered later that my brother had seen the triangle aswell. I could not guess how far away the triangle was as I had no reference to other nearby objects such as trees as I did with the low-flying craft. However, the triangle shape itself was about half-way up the sky, probably in an east direction from the car (as Irish passenger seats are on the left, and the journey was north-south). Its three points when compared to the moon would not touch the ring of the moon but would come quite close, as a comparison of its size (though the moon was not visible in that direction).

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No I do not believe so, I considered the possibility of strobe lights but a clear path of light would have been visible, and besides they would not shine for 5 seconds in a linear shape and then disappear. It is possible the other sighting was some form of unknown military craft but what it would be doing over Irish aerospace.

Witness Background

3rd level (i.e. university) student.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I was always obsessed with the paranormal and made it a mission of mine to scour the skies for UFOs every time I went in a car anywhere after dark. This sighting made me more interested, but as I grew older I grew more sceptical of the possibilities of the existence of alien craft on this planet. However having read reports of similar sightings as to what I had seen, and having read the disclosure project report, my interest was re-kindled.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Friends, who didn't believe it

Your Location: 

West Dublin suburbia, Ireland



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