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UFO Sighting Report


May, 27, 2006


Northbrook, Illinois, United States


Six Large while disc sighted over Northbrook in perfect triangle formation. Sighting was on Saturday, May 27, at 9: 12 pm. The sighting lasted about 35 seconds.

Date Reported:

6/2/2006 12:26:02 PM

Comments about the image(s): Witness' drawing of the sighting.

Sighting Time: 

9:12 pm



No. of Witnesses: 

myself and my dog


approx. total 35 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

discs were white looking. The discs were not bright, but rather dull white appearance. They definitely were not lights. As a former pilot, I have a good idea what lights look like in the sky inifferent weather conditions. The outstanding observation of the white discs was that they all had some size, and were perfectly placed between each other and in front of each other, making a perfect triangle (in inverted Christmas tree). They did not pulse. They had a constant while glow evenly distrubuted through out the surface .

Size of Object(s)

The size of the discs probably were at least 100 feet or more

Description of Area / Surroundings

Northbroo, Il., I was on the driveway fron of my house. O'Hare Airport is near by. At times planes fly over in the vicinity ......always on takeoff.......there was no jet sound, etc.....White objects appeared to be stationary....they were observed for approx. 35 seconds before vanishing.

Full Description & Details

On Saturday, May 27, 2006, at exactly 9:12 PM, I walked out of the house in Northbrook, Il., to take my dog for his evening walk. It was a gray overcast evening with temp. in the 70Fs, with possible some rain later in the evening. As I walked out of the house, I looked up in the sky to check the weather and if I should be for short walk in case of rain.

As I looked up in the sky, there was no visibility of any stars, the sky was dark gray , no stars were visible.

Aa I looked up in the sky, I noteced three large disc appearing ....located northwest.

The discs were white translucent in perfect allignment from each other. I watched the three white disc for about 8 seconds, when another two discs, same size, appeared just in front of the first three discs.....they were spaced away the same distance as the distance between each disc in the first row.........the appearance lasted another approx. 8 seconds, when one more white disc appeared in front of the two. That made a total of six disc arranged in a perfec trianagle. The distances between the disc sideways and from each other forward were exactly the same distance. The discs stayed visible for apprx. another 8 sconds and then vanished. In about 8 seconds the two discs appeared again and stayed visible for another approx. 8 seconds and then vanished. I stayed outside for another 15 to 20 minutes, watching the sky, but no further appearance was observed.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Possible blimp?

Witness Background

I am a 75 year old practicing chiropractic physician. Good health and excellent vision. In the early 1960's......flew small single engine airplanes, ex: Cessna 170, Piper , Mooney 21. I know the difference between lights and objects visible in the sky.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have no views about UFO My knowledge about UFOs is basic, whatever I have seen in the past on the press and on television.

Other Comments

The alighment of the object was to perfect to be some random appearnace.....

Reported Sighting? 



Roman Czaplicki

Your Location: 

Northbrook, Illinois



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