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UFO Sighting Report


Numerous Dates


Throughout Fraser Valley and Merrit, British Columbia, Canada


From early teen years to mid to late 30's a number of sightings have been witnessed by myself while together with family or friends.

Date Reported:

1/11/2004 1:59:27 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



30 sec's to 45 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Age 12-14 roughly, so year is approximately 1972-1974 was the first time we saw something that was unexplainable while driving east on 110th. Ave in Whonnock, Thornhill area. We were about a mile west of Thornhill elementary school when this very bright light came from nowhere, literally causing it to be too bright to drive further. Although my mother does not recall physically stopping the car herself, we none the less did stop; or, something else happened. There was no sound, or noise of any kind, just this incredibly bright light.

We were on our way to my aunts’ house, in order to drop me off for the weekend to spend time with my cousins and time with my aunt and uncle. A trip that normally took about 20 minutes max ended up taking over two hours; although we didn't stop anywhere else prior to heading off to my aunts place. The only reason we figured out how long we'd been gone was the reaction by my auntie when we'd finally arrived there.

She was pretty upset with us and was giving her sister a bad time (my mother) about losing her way or something... When we asked what she was talking about, that is when she'd said it took us over 2 hours to get there, from our parting phone call and the time we said we were leaving! Regrettably, that's all I recall about that incident. (Then again, maybe I should be happy)

The next incident was in my later teens whereby some cousins, their friends and I were at Monk Park camp ground in Merritt. We were lying on our backs in a circle on the beach with our heads in the middle of the circle, watching stars while we yakked. It was dark and about 12:30am or later. And no, we were not drunk or hallucinating either. I don't recall who was the first person to bring to the attention of the others, but, I know we all saw the craft. We were incredulous to say the least by the obvious acrobatics, that's for sure. Although it was a very long distance away from us, and, was not entirely visible as far as what the true shape of it was, except to say that the light source it gave off was circular. What "was" so attention grabbing was the manner in which it changed direction and the speed it produced. It must have changed position at least 10 to a dozen or more times over head in a period of about 30 minutes or more. Literally, zipping across the sky from west to south, to north and back to west, then to go east and west again. I don't really recall how many times it did this, but I do know it was at least 10 or more times. It did things conventional craft could not do then, nor now, as far as I know. It was alone as far as I can remember. During a couple or more of the dashes across the night sky it came to a complete and total stop, as if it ran into a unseen barrier. Hover there for a minute or more, then either dash across the sky again, or, accelerate straight up into the stratosphere to shrink in size and almost disappear from our view, but not quite. When it did finally disappear, it was as if a switch had been flipped and it's light source was gone, causing the craft to blend into the night sky.

The most recent sighting was about 1994-96, and my youngest daughter an I were traveling south on Mt. Leman Rd. We'd just turned left onto Mt. Leman Rd. from Harris Rd. when we saw this huge ( I mean huge!) object hovering in the sky approximately where the Abbotsford Airport should be. I pulled the car off the road so we could just observe because we both saw it change shape right in front of our eyes! While sitting on the side of the road, my daughter tried to find a local radio station to see if anyone else was reporting this. With the size of it, there was no way it couldn't be seen! Just no way! But, although we watched for a good ten-fifteen minutes, and during that time tried to find a station reporting it, we heard nothing. This object was at first kind of cigar shaped, and about the length of a couple jumbo jets or more, I'd say. The color was or seemed transparent, although we couldn't make out any interior details. It was as if it took on the color of the puffy white clouds around it and in fact we almost thought it was a cloud at first. Then we watched it change shape! Very soon after that, there was a smaller plane in it's vicinity. Like they were checking this object out or something. Things got really exciting when between 4-6 army choppers flew into it's airspace. Within seconds of those showing up, this thing changed shape again and just vanished! Like a puff of smoke! This thing was so big, it made these rather large army choppers look puny by comparison. We were at least ten or more kilometers away from the airport where we believed it to be hovering. Although we were some distance away, it was plainly obvious this craft was HUGE! All the other aircraft in it’s immediate vicinity, could easily have fit inside this thing! Easily!

What I found to be very strange after this event is no one came forward, not one single person or a single mention of it in the news. Yet, this thing was so big to make it virtually impossible to NOT be seen by someone driving on the number 1 freeway, heading either east or west. At least that's my opinion for what it's worth. My daughter and I made a special point for the next few days of keeping our eyes and ears pealed for any mention of this sighting. Yet, in the days following neither of us could believe something so big, and, of obvious airport and military interest could so easily go totally unmentioned either on the radio or the TV, yet it did. Makes me wonder how.

The time of this incident would have been between 11:00am and 2:00pm, it was summer, and the weather was warm and clear, with some high puffy white clouds. I wish I could recall the exact date better than that... but regretfully I can't.

Other Comments

Personally, I believe we as a race would have to be pretty arrogant to think we are the only intelligent life within our solar system, or beyond it for that matter. I Also believe our governments or powers that be, have been aware of “other” intelligent life for many centuries. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, choose to deny or confirm. Are they affraid of mass panic? Or world peace? Lets face it, our lives would be changed (big time) if we as a world had to come together in order to protect our right to what this planet offers us, now wouldn't it...? Somehow I don't believe difference's over which country has the most oil or other commodities would matter much... do you?

Personally though, I feel it's their way of hidding their heads in the sand, speak no evil, hear no evil...

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

The first two incidents were to parents, the last one, we didn't report.


A. Binkle

Your Location: 

Mission, B.C. Canada