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UFO Sighting Report


December, 7, 2003


Phonm Penh, Cambodia


Nighttime photograph taken near Phonm Penh, Cambodia in 2003 showing an unidentified round light. The photograph was featured in the Rasmei Kampuchea Daily newspaper in Cambodia.

Date Reported:

6/11/2006 8:01:20 PM

Comments about the image(s): The top image shows the photograph taken near Phonm Penh. The smaller round object on the right appears to be the moon. Please note that the swastika (which appears on the building) is a common religious symbol in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. The 2nd picture above shows the photograph appearing in a Cambodian newspaper. And the 3rd image shows the digital camera data (or "EXIF data").

Sighting Time: 


Full Description & Details

Email from the witness:

Dear Sirs,

For your kind reference, attached please find 3 photos of DSCN2013, DSCN2193 & DSCN9725.

The photo of DSCN2013 was taken near Phonm Penh, Cambodia, at 19:59 on 07 Dec, 2003.

The photo of DSCN2193 is the newspaper of "RASMEI KAMPUCHEA DAILY" in Cambodia.

The photo of DSCN9725 is the "shooting data" from my Nikon DC "E5700".

My name is Andy, from Taiwan. If you need more details, please let me know. Thanks!



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