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UFO Sighting Report


UFO of ancient times so you will have to read on to understand


Zion, Illinois, United States


I have images of ancient ufo's

Date Reported:

6/30/2006 2:53:28 PM



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still have it

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

use email to contact me if interested

Description of Area / Surroundings


Full Description & Details

For the longest time I was wondering why I can not locate things like dinosaurs remains since I can locate most anything else, then one day I decided to try looking where wolly mammoths or dinos have been found and see if I can find even more in that area, and yes it worked so I went on looking these areas over and found even more specimens and life forms yet unknown to the world. I can show how to find them all around the world.

Discovery that will

Rock The World

Or Could it be the

Key To All Things That Exist

Hi, My name is Granville Lovell and I sure have quite a story to tell.

I have been doing research in many things that interest me about this planet Earth and along the way I have formulated many questions and came up with a lot of theories but one of my discoveries creates many questions but also comes up with answers.

I have discovered that this system of things we call earth and all that exist in and around it has a way of recording images of people, objects, and events since the beginning of time. I have also found that I can use satellite imaging to get these images from around the world as well as photography BUT! One has to learn how to see before he tries to look into the worlds past. I want to get my discovery to the media and newspapers but there is a problem that keeps coming up, People have asked for me to send them proof or tell them how to do this but they can not seem to understand that they must see in person how to do this or they will not understand or get what I am talking about. Who would know better than I that I must teach this in person first. They want me to site reference's and examples from known books to explain what I have discovered but! There is nothing to put it up against, this is very new and one has to not base it on any known facts and it should be kept separate of things that are known to man so that it allows your mind to learn new things without the clutter of things we think we know.

I am able to get images of people animals and objects as well as events from the worlds past. I can go to or use satellite's to get images of things that has taken place all the way back in time. For instance, I can go to any of the wonders of the world like Stonehenge, Pyramids, or even your own back yard and get pictures of things that has taken place at that location. I have many examples in my position of this and I can show anyone right on the spot how this is done. Imagine if you go to Mt Sinai and get images of Moses or perhaps known places where Jesus has been know to have been and even in tombs of the pyramids. There are photographs all over this world of great historic events where we can actually be able to see back in time through photographs. Now I also realize there will be many more things or different kinds of information that will come to light because of my discovery.

I have saw many examples from the worlds distant past, I have saw people working and the equipment they used I have saw hardships and horror and happiness. I have saw Dragon like creatures and dinosaurs and things that look like long neck horses and there are some things I will not try and tell you about at this time. I have also saw people working gold mines and speaking of gold mines what about all the lost treasures of the world? are you aware of how many there are around the world? are you aware of just how much lost or hidden treasures or gold or money are out there? I am very aware of them, With my discovery all you need to know is a general location of those missing treasures ( No Problem) and use the satellites with my discovery and go collect the treasure.

Mars Images

Because of the way this works I can show how to do the same things on Mars or other planets. I can show how this will work right now with the Mars rovers to see if there ever was life on mars and see what that life looked like. I know the answer right now and you will be very pleased at what I have found. I can also show hot to use space telescopes to find these images through distant space.


I can show you how to tell if there was ever life on a planet where meteorites came from and what that life looked like.

There just seems to be no end to even more information/knowledge because of my discovery. I can show new information about the pyramids and how about the Mayan calendar,I can show you things that you do not know about that and many things people think they know about the pyramids I can make them re think.

I think I can show actual images of something that appears to be creation.

Question for you? after all I have said did you question yet if I found advanced or intelligent life on earth in the distant past? Do you think there ever was cars, planes, heavy equipment, or have you asked yourself if I found how the pyramids were built? were there cave men?

Some things you will have to wait to see if you give the effort to know.

Some things I may never tell?

By The way, this may be that which people call the Da Vinci Code and I can show you many things to support that. For all the great things I have discovered it is only the beginning of many more things because of my discovery.

Granville E. Lovell

P.O. Box 397

Zion Illinois 60099




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Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

Years of personal scientific research led me to a discovery that revealed this. UNLIKE ALL UFO SIGHTINGS and claims I can back up everything I say. If you are in a position to get my discovery to the world news then I suggest you talk with me in person.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Until now skeptic

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Granville E. Lovell

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Zion Illinois