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UFO Sighting Report




Mt. Vernon, NY, USA


Boomerang shape overhead on the Bronx river Parkway

Date Reported:

1/16/2004 8:57:53 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 mins

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

It was a summer night, maybe about 10pm or so. I was driving south on the Bronx River parkway, going south, just opposite the Mt. Vernon (metro-north) train station. I was driving my 1979 Buick Regal (with T-tops OFF) when I saw a boomerang shaped object going south (parallel to the parkway) over my head. I was going about 60 mph as the object passed overhead. When I got a good focus on this object I slowed down and pulled into the right hand lane, my speed was now about 5 or 10 mph as was the speed of the other cars who also saw this object. We all just crept along looking up at this object. It made NO SOUND at all and also slowed down to match our speed. It was about as high as a 20 or 30 story building (judgind by the height of the apartment buildings just to the west of the parkway which vary from 5 to 12 (aprox) stories. When it got just past the train station it stopped, as did all of the cars going south on the parkway. It paused for a few seconds and then pivoted/turned to the east and started to move again but now was going EAST and picked up speed to about 50 or 60 mph. As I was looking at it along with the other cars on the parkway it was clear as could be in the shape of a boomreang but huge.... similar to a very large jet airliner but no body just the wings and much larger...maybe 3 or 4 times larger than a 747. I saw no colors, only luminus panels covering the entire bottom of the object. These panels were rectangles and some of them were emiting bright light and some were barley putting out any light at all. It continued to the EAST for maybe 20 seconds to the top of my view east and was above some houses and trees when it made another pivot/turn to the south this time. It started to move SOUTH for 2 or 3 seconds when it accelerated so fast that it looked like a solid white line pointing SOUTH, the object "streched" to the south and then the back or the line "caught up " with the front of the line and it was gone. People looking at it from the parkway, all of whom had come to just about a full stop, kind of looked at each other and then resumed thier driving. Nobody said a word about what had just happened, they just went about thier bussiness....this was very WIERD . I had a friend in the car with me but I really don't remember saying anything to him while this was happening. When the object was gone we did talk about it but , looking back now, neither of us was scared or paniced. We both told other friends about this object and even drew skeches of it...NOBODY beleived us! And I never read or heard about anyone else seeing this object. To this day it is as clear in my mind as the night it happened..

Witness Background

Telephone Central Office Installer/Tech Conrail Locomotive Electritian College Grad (later in life) Chemist Reaearcher of an Ivy League University Married for almost 30 years 3 grown children 1 grandchild

Other Comments

I have never seen anything like this before or since. I don't know what it was, but I know I DID SEE IT.

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East Moriches, NY, USA



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