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UFO Photographs: 1960s

January 1, 1967  -  Mahwah, New Jersey

Background Information / Description:

At 1:00 pm in January 1967, Mr. James Bjornstad, a Research Consultant at the Christian Research Institute in Wayne, New Jersey, was driving in the vicinity of the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Mahwah when his attention was attracted to something flying in the sky. Through the trees along the street he could see a dull dark gray object sitting almost motionless in the sky beyond. Stopping the car in front of the Seminary, Bjornstad got out with his Japanese brand 35mm hand camera loaded with outdoor color film, and walked through to a better vantage point, then adjusted the distance setting to infinity and snapped a picture of the strange flying machine. (credit: UFO + PSI Magazine / Christian Pfeiler)

Source / Credit: 

Photograph ID: 107 ID: 107

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