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Alien Autopsy Film

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Alien Autopsy Film Review - Kevin Randle

Kevin Randle

To understand the autopsy footage, it is necessary to look beyond it. For example, we can look at the story of how the film fell into the hands of UFO researchers.  R

The Alien Autopsy Film: Facts vs. Armchair Research

Michael Hesemann, Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, #6 (Oct-Nov '96)

While nobody has been able to present any proof that the Santilli autopsy footage was faked, we have some convincing indications that the film might very well be genuine. If it is a hoax, it is definitely the most ingenious fake of the century.  R

The Alien Autopsy Film: Real or Un-reel?

Joe Longo, President, International Combat Camera Association

The claimed 1947 alien autopsy footage acquired and marketed by Merlin Productions a small video distribution company owned by Ray Santilli has now been seen and in many cases believed by tens of millions of viewers in 30 countries worldwide. The mingling of details and witness testimony from the actual case with scenes from the alleged alien autopsy film raises more questions than answers.

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History of the Roswell Film

Insights on Roswell, VJ Enterprises

This section contains much of the history of the Alien Autopsy Film beginning in March '95 and into August '95 just prior to the film's release to the public by the Fox Network.

Roswell Film Images

Insights on Roswell / VJ Enterprises

Images from the alien autopsy film.