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Physical Evidence


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If UFOs are real, shouldn't they produce some real physical effects?

James McDonald, Statement on UFOs to U.S. House Committee on Science and Aeronatics, 1968 Symposium on UFOs

The answer is that they do. There are rather well-authenticated cases spanning a wide variety of "physical effects."  R

Sturrock Report - Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports

Peter A. Sturrock, Stanford University, in Journal for Scientific Exploration

The purpose of this four-day workshop was to review purported physical evidence associated with UFO reports, with a view to assessing whether the further acquisition and investigation of such evidence is likely to help solve the UFO problem, namely the determination of the cause or causes of these reports.

other articles & documents

A Report on the Investigation of Magnesium Samples From a UFO Explosion Over the Sea in the Ubatuba Region of Brazil

Olavo T. Fontes M.D (published in Coral Lorenzen's "Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence Of The Invasion From Outer Space), reprinted on Temporal Doorway website

Near the Brazilian coast, it was said a disc shaped object had exploded over the seashore. It was said a disc shaped object had exploded over the seashore. Fragments recovered from the explosion were supposed to have fallen, while burning, into shallow waters, which, according to the witnesses, quenched the fire and allowed recovery.

Estimates of Optical Power Output in Six Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Defined Luminosity Characteristics

Jacques F. Vallee, Journal of Scientific Exploration

An analysis of six cases of unexplained aerial phenomena observed by qualified observers over a twenty-year period in various parts of the Earth and in known physical conditions yields estimates of optical power output ranging from a few kilowatts to thousands of megawatts. This paper surveys the methods by which this parameter can be derived from witnesses' statements, it discusses the various hypotheses one could propose to account for the observations and it calls for a broad re-examination of sighting files in an effort to apply this methodology to a larger sample and to better understand the luminosity characteristics of the reported objects.

Metal Artifact And UFO Sighting, Nov 11, 1956, Ekberg and Sjoberg, Isle Of Vaddo, Sweden

Mark Cashman / Illobrand von Ludwiger

Walter Stender first learned about the occurrence and the interesting metal object found at Vaddo in 1974.

Odors from UFOs: Deducing Odorant Chemistry and Causation from Available Data - Preliminary Report PDF Document

A.F. Rullan

Some UFO reports document the presence of odors. While the number of UFO odor reports is small, odor detection and recognition provides some information that could help solve the UFO mystery. Odorants, if released or created by the UFO, could provide information about their chemistry and possibly about the energy generated to produce them. Odors have not been considered physical evidence of the UFO presence because odors do not leave a trace. Nevertheless, odor detection implies that a chemical change took place in the environment that was significant enough to be detected.

Physical Analyses in Ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples

Jacques F. Vallee, Journal of Scientific Exploration

A survey of ten cases of unexplained aerial phenomena accompanied by material residues shows a broad distribution of natural elements, many of which are metallic in nature. They can be roughly described as belonging in two categories: "light materials" of high conductivity such as aluminum, and "slag-like materials" reminiscent of industrial byproducts. Most of those cases under consideration strive to meet four criteria: 1) the literature gives sufficient ground to support the fact that an unusual aerial phenomenon occurred, 2) the circumstances of the actual recovery of the specimen are reported, 3) there is data to suggest that the specimen is in fact linked to the observed aerial object, and 4) physical analysis has been performed by a competent laboratory of known reliability. In several instances the sample is available for continuing study by independent scientists.

Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports (Sturrock Panel): Injuries to Vegetation

Peter Sturrock / Sturrock Panel Report / Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports

In some cases that involve an apparent disturbance to the soil, there may also be an apparent injury to vegetation. Velasco stated that four such cases have been investigated by GEPAN/SEPRA: the "Christelle" case of November 27, 1979; the "Trans-en-Provence" case of January 8, 1981; the "Amarante" case of October 21, 1982; and the "Joe le Taxi" case of September 7, 1987.  R

The Condon Report: Direct Physical Evidence

Roy Craig, The Condon Report

Several types of physical effects have been presented as evidence that an object of unusual nature had been present at a given location. Such effects consist of: markings on ground, vegetation, or objects with which an UFO, as something from an UFO, reportedly made direct or indirect physical contact; material residue allegedly deposited from or by an UPO; articles or portions of articles manufactured by intelligent beings, but reportedly not produced by known cultures.

The Condon Report: Indirect Physical Evidence

Roy Craig, The Condon Report

Reports of unidentified flying objects, particularly those reported to have come quite close to the observer, frequently describe physical effects due to the presence of the UFO. The most frequently claimed effects are electric or electromagnetic in nature. They include unexplained stoppage of automobile motors; failure of automobile headlights; interference with radio, T.V., and electric clock operation; power failures; magnetic field disturbances; and sudden temporary increases in gamma radiation levels.

UFOs: The Physical Evidence - Overwhelming – But As Elusive As Ever

Michael Jordan, Journal of Alternative Realities, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002

Any scientific study of the UFO enigma seems inevitably to result in frustrating ambiguity and contradiction. Really worthwhile UFO reports are frequently characterized by high strangeness, evasiveness, resistance to scholarly investigation and a seemingly unavoidable, bewildering array of conclusions. It would appear that the best prospect for achieving a meaningful evaluation of relevant hypotheses is likely to come from the examination of physical evidence.  R

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Book: The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence

Peter Sturrock

In a major report commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller, world-renowned scientists debate the physical evidence in puzzling cases presented by UFO investigators. THE UFO ENIGMA overrides the Condon Report and concludes that there is much we could learn from further study of the phenomenon-if the evidence is carefully collected and scientifically analyzed.


Scientific Ufology: How the Application of Scientific Methodology Can Analyze, Illuminate and Prove the Reality of UFO's Kevin RandleNoted author Kevin D. Randle examines the physical evidence of these visitors from beyond our solar system. Bringing methods of scientific methodology to his research, the author scrutinizes eyewitness reports, photographs, video footage, radar images, landing traces, and unidentifiable crashed vehicles. Buy from Amazon Buy from Barnes & Noble more info...