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UFOs in China

articles & documents

Airmiss in China 1995

Agence France Presse

A Chinese pilot preparing to land his aircraft on the Guizhou province airport, in South-West China, had to brutally change trajectory to avoid - not another plane - but a UFO, stated the Chinese daily newspaper "Nanfang Daily" yesterday.  R

Aliens Among Us? Half of the entire Chinese Population Believes in UFOs

Pravda, Russia, Jan 2004

Hundreds of scientists and engineers conduct thorough studies of the unidentified phenomenon. According to Chinese ufologists, aliens live among humans. Ugologists also claim that recently aliens started to show more interest in China. Most recent UFO was spotted in Nanking, China.  R

China sees UFOs and calls it science, not superstition

Associated Press, January 2, 2000

At the beginning of the new millennium, China is astir with sightings of otherworldly visitors. Such sightings are treated with unexpected seriousness in this country usually straightjacketed by its communist rulers.  R

Chinese Air Force Pilot Plays Chase with UFO

Agence France Presse, Nov. 5, 1998

Newspaper story of the Chinese air force having a prolonged up-close encounter with a UFO, which the pilot described as an aerial cat-and-mouse game played between the object and a jet fighter ordered to intercept it.  R

Chinese Scholars Tap Physics To Learn About Flying Saucers

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 7, 1997

In ever-changing China, which in places has rocketed from agrarian poverty to urban modernity in less than a decade, nothing seems impossible these days. Not even UFOs. That may explain why 60-year-old Sun Shili, professor of international trade at Beijing's University of International Business and Economics, is holding court at China's hallowed Academy of Science along with a South Korean delegation from something called the Embassy of Extraterrestrials. R

Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics

The People's Daily (China), June 24, 2002

A group of nine Chinese scientists will go to west China's Qinghai Province this month (June, 2002) to closely examine the relics thought by some to have been left by extraterrestrial beings (ET).  R

CIA document: "China UFO Society Meets; To Continue Scientific Study"

CIA (reprinted by UFOs at Close Sight)

CIA document referencing a Beijing Xinhua news agency article on the meeting of the Fourth National Congress of the China UFO Society.

CIA reports on Chinese UFO studies

CIA (reprinted by UFOs at Close Sight)

An extract of a 4 page religious, political, cultural review of Asian countries, in which it is said that China's interest in UFO around 1980 can be seen by the interest of Chinese scientists in historical UFO cases in ancient China. We learn that there is a UFO controversy in China, that Chinese historians study traces of ancient UFO cases or presence, and that there are private ufology groups editing magazines in China just like in the Western world.

Close encounters across the Great Wall

Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 7, 2000

Chinese scientists seek funding to search for ET radio signals amid growing reports of UFO sightings.  R

ETs Live Among Us Says Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official

Rosanne Lin - Shanghai Star - ChinaDaily.com, 7-20-2002

Considering the recent rash of UFO sightings over China, it is worth noting the opinion of Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society - he believes waixingren (extraterrestrials) are living among us.  R

Goverment-sponsored UFO conference in China, 1992

CIA (reprinted on UFOs at Close Sight)

CIA document referring to Beijing UFO conference held by the China UFO Research Organization.

Half of China sees mysterious light-emitting UFO, July 2002

UFOs at Close Sight

This UFO sighting, covering more territories than ever before, was the most completely documented in China today.  R

Orange, red starmen over China

Shanghai Star (China), 7-18-02

Considering the recent rash of UFO sightings over China, it is worth noting the opinion of Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society - he believes waixingren (extraterrestrials) are living among us.  R

Rash of UFO sightings in China - Government Pays Attention to Phenomenon

The Associated Press (The Edmonton Journal (Canada), Sunday, January 2, 2000)

At the beginning of the new year, China is astir with sightings of otherworldly visitors and the sightings are treated with unexpected seriousness in a country led by no-nonsense communist officials. China has a bimonthly magazine - circulation 400,000 - devoted to UFO research. The conservative state-run media report UFO sightings.  R

Sky Dragons Behind the Media Curtain: UFOs in China (skeptical)

James Oberg, special to Space.com, Jan 14, 2000

Whenever scientists studying a phenomenon suspect that the data have become contaminated by preconceptions or otherwise compromised, they seek new samples from farther afield. It's often their only hope to make any further progress. At first glance, UFO reports from China offer a similar advantage to the modern study of ufology.  R

The UFO Phenomenon in China

Salvador Freixedo, Inexplicata (2000)

As was the case in Russia following Perestroika and Glasnost, there is a similar process underfoot in China since that country's opening to the West: more information has been known about this country's UFO activity over the past two years than for the past fifty.  R

Three different airline crews report UFO sightings over China

Agence France Press (in Sydney Morning Herald), Nov. 8, 2002

Several airline pilots have reported sighting a shining unidentified flying object (UFO) near the south-eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, a newspaper reported yesterday (11/7/02).  R

To Chinese UFO buffs, it's a serious science

CNN, April 12, 2002

UFO research is the stuff of sci-fi buffs and conspiracy freaks, but in China it's treated seriously. Joseph Wong, a lab manager at Hong Kong's City University, is a man of science. His job is to assess the structural performance of buildings. But familiar as he is with hard data, Wong is also a fan of the unexplained.  R

U.F.O. Boom Doesn't Worry China's Rulers

New York Times, Jan. 11, 2000

The last few months have been a boom time for U.F.O. enthusiasts in China. Just before the start of the year 2000, there were dozens of sightings. Strange shining objects were observed scooting through the sky by hundreds of people, from former airport workers to college deans. The normally conservative official news media have been lavishing attention on U.F.O. news, with documentaries on the main government television station, CCTV-1, and credulous newspaper articles.  R

UFO Scientific Conference in Darlian, China

China Daily, 1985 (quoted by Timothy Good)

In 1985, the government newspaper, China Daily, reported that a UFO Scientific Conference was held in Darlian, with some forty papers presented on various aspects of UFO research.  R

UFO sighting one for Shanghai's X-Files

South China Morning Post, Dec. 1999

The usually staid state media in Shanghai carried reports yesterday that an unidentified flying object had been sighted in the city. In a front-page story, with colour photographs of an object resembling a meteor, the Wenhui Daily said the UFO was spotted over western Shanghai on Thursday afternoon.  R

UFO Sightings Increase in China

Personal Freedom Outreach

China is a country where reports of the supernatural and unearthly are normally suppressed by the communist leadership. However, in the recent past few months, “China is buzzing with a rising number of UFO sightings,” according to an Associated Press news story.  R

UFO/ET Mania Sweeping Beijing

Xinhua News Agency, July 31, 2002

"...science fiction mania spreads throughout China's capital this summer." R

UFOs Behind the Great Wall: A report on the state of UFOlogy in China

J. Antonio Huneeus, FATE Magazine, Volume 50, No. 9 September 1997

Ufology, formerly a forbidden subject in this country of more than one billion people, has only recently emerged from Chairman Mao's shadow. Modern research shows, however, that UFOs are not a new phenomenon in China. R

UFO's Over China ?

Reuters, July 3, 1993

News article on China UFO sighting in Urumqi. R

UFOs sighted in Beijing sky

Shangai Star, 4/25/02

Monday between 7:00pm and 9:00pm [April 22], many Beijing residents were startled to spot four spiraling and sparkling unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the evening sky near Asian Games Village, Wa Li and Qing He. Over 10 readers called local media about the strange appearance, Beijing Times reported.  R

US Intelligence Report on 1989 China UFO Sighting

FBIS at CIA (reprinted on UFOs at Close Sight)

Unclassified US intelligence document referring to a UFO sighted over Urumqi, China, in 1989.

websites & organizations

China UFO Photographs

Masujiro Kiru was going through his father's photo album from the China Campaign just before WWII when he found a photograph of a flying object. In the photograph one can see a low-domed disc-shaped object approaching a few hundred feet above the heads of the people, many of whom have stopped to look and some of whom are seen pointing up at the UFO.

China UFO sightings database - About.com

Database of China UFO sightings from different sources, compiled by About.com.

China: "The Truth is Out There"

La Voz de Galicia (newspaper-Spain), November 24, 2003

Half of the Chinese population believes in the existence of UFOs according to the results of a survey made known by the Outer Space Investigation Organization.  R

UFO Roundup - Articles on China

List of news stories and sightings of UFOs in China from the UFO Roundup archive.

UFOs in China !

UFO Folklore

UFOs -- a forbidden subject in Chairman Mao's day -- have been studied more closely in China since the late 1970s.


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