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UFOs in Canada

articles & documents

1967 Canadian UFO Wave: The Year We Were Invaded Without Knowing It

John Magor, The Canadian UFO Report, 1969

And that was how we learned Canada was indeed "invaded" in the late summer and fall of 1967, though barely a ripple of it came to public attention. On our visit to the beautiful Cariboo country we heard of sighting after sighting and came to know in advance what year would be mentioned as the time of occurrence - 1967.  R

1997 Poll of Canadians Regarding Belief and Attitude Towards UFOs

Chris Rutkowski - UFOROM

A survey of Canadians regarding beliefs and attitudes towards the subject of nidentified flying bjects (UFOs) was conducted by an independent research network. The results suggest that almost ten per cent of all Canadians believe they have seen a UFO and that belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life is very high among the general population, confirming results from other surveys conducted by national and international professional polling organizations.

Canada UFO Sightings Jump By 42% Last Year

Canadian Press, Feb 27, 2002

From a strange funnel of fire in Alberta to a triangle of light flying over Sydney, N.S., reports of unidentified flying objects increased a staggering 42 per cent last year in Canada.  R

Canada's UFO Sightings

Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press, January 4, 1996

Dean is among dozens of Canadians who reported seeing an unidentified flying object last year. His description of the eerie encounter is one of 186 official UFO reports filed with the police, military and federal scientists.  R

Is anybody out there? (newspaper article in Canada)

The Edmonton Sun, June 17, 2001

Canadian UFOlogists search earth and sky for answers to the age-old mystery of whether we are alone or not Is anybody out there? R

Project Magnet

Alberta UFO Study Group

In 1950 the Canadian government authorized a short-lived program designed to study UFOs. Here is the program's report by Wilbert B. Smith, Engineer-in-Charge, Project Magnet.

Project Magnet

From the Encyclopedia of UFOs, edited by Ronald Story

This project was a study of UFOs carried out by the Department of Transport (DOT) in Canada in the early 1950s. It was set up in December 1950 under the direction of Wilbert B. Smith, then a senior radio engineer, Broadcast and Measurements Section. R

Study Finds Huge Increase in UFO Reports in Canada in 2002

Canadian UFO Survey

Press release from the Canadian UFO Survey 2002. A new study by an independent research group has found that more people are seeing UFOs in Canada. The group collected UFO reports from private, public and government sources. R

Study Finds Huge Increase in UFO Reports in Canada in 2002

Alberta UFO Study Group

A new study by an independent research group has found that more people are seeing UFOs in Canada. The group collected UFO reports from private, public and government sources. R

Study Finds Huge Increase in UFO Reports in Canadain 2001

Geoff Dittman and Chris A. Rutkowski, Canadian UFO Survey

There were 42% more UFO reports filed in Canada in 2001 than 2000, according to the findings of a national study released today. R

The 1993 Canadian UFO Survey

Chris A. Rutkowski

Since 1989, UFO case data has been solicited from all known and active investigators and researchers in Canada for analyses and comparison with other compilations.

The 1997 Canadian UFO Survey

Chris A. Rutkowski

An analysis of UFO reports in Canada

The 2001 Canadian UFO Survey

Geoff Dittman and Chris A. Rutkowski

An Analysis of UFO Reports in Canada. This is the 12th year that UFOROM has solicited UFO case data from all known and active investigators and researchers in Canada for analyses. We have collected data in UFO reports with the goal of understanding this controversial and popular phenomenon. There are no comparable reports produced by any other research group in North America.

The 2002 Canadian UFO Survey

Geoff Dittman and Chris A. Rutkowski

An analysis of UFO Reports in Canada.

The 2002 Canadian UFO Survey: Summary of Results

The most important findings of this study include the fact that UFO sightings have continued to be reported at a more-or-less constant level over the past several years. People still report observing unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations.

The Attitudes of Canadians Toward the Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life and UFOs

Geoff Dittman

Survey of several major opinion polls taken of Canadian's beliefs on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the years, a consistently large portion of the Canadian population has expressed a belief in UFOs and aliens. I did manage to locate four professional polls and an informal survey conducted by ufologists. The first poll goes back to 1974, the last to 1997.

Ufology in Canada - Past, Present, and Future

David Haisell, BUFORA's 2nd London International UFO Congress, London, England, May 25, 1981

Ufology in Canada has evolved over the last thirty years in much the same way as in many other countries, namely a disorganised and fairly erratic manner. Nevertheless, ufology has had quite an interesting and productive history in Canada, and I shall now relate what I hope are some of the highlights as well as some of the little known, but significant, happenings which have occurred over the years, particularly in relation to the involvement of the Canadian Government.  R

UFO's Topped ex-Prime Minister's Agenda / Lester Pearson's fascination with flying saucers

Ian MacLeod, The Ottawa Citizen / Canada.com

In the spring of 1966, in the midst of one of his government's biggest crises, prime minister Lester Pearson turned his attention to flying saucers. R

websites & organizations

Alberta UFO Study Group

Alberta UFO reports -- Canadian UFO sightings -- Year 2002 Canadian UFO statistics -- best Canadian UFO cases of 2002 -- UFO newspaper articles -- UFO conferences -- Government UFO files

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN)

A non-profit research organization which has been investigating the crop circle phenomenon and other possibly related phenomena in Canada since 1995, creating a liason between researchers, farmers, scientists, media and the public; it is the only such group of researchers specifically investigating Canadian formations on an ongoing basis.

HBCC UFO Research

Reports on Unidentified Flying Objects seen across Canada and other information about UFOs in Canada.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Ontario

The Mutual UFO Network of Ontario is a non-profit UFO investigative and research organisation based in Toronto

Northwest Saskatchewan UFO Research Center (NWSURC)

NWSURC formed October 21, 2004 out of necessity of having a center which could collect, research and investigate UFO sighting reports within the province of Saskatchewan. NWSURC is solely operated by Barb Campbell.

The Canadian UFO Survey

Since 1989, UFOlogy Research of Manitoba has solicited sightings data from active Canadian researchers. This data is annually compiled into the "Canadian UFO Survey." The survey is made publicly available in an attempt to promote the dissemination of information across the field of ufology. This page contains many of the surveys, as well as the data; most of the information is in hypertext format.

UFO Roundup Articles: Canada

UFO Roundup / Joseph Trainor

Articles relating to UFOs in Canada from the UFO Roundup archives.

UFO Yukon Research Society

Extensive collection of current and past UFO sightings reports in the Yukon, Canada.


British Colombia UFO organization that gathers local (BC and Yukon) sightings, investigates them as fully as possible, and helps make the public aware of the phenomenon. Operates a UFO sightings report hotline and the UFO*BC website with listings of current and past UFO sightings in the area.

Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM)

Among the activities of UFOROM is the compilation of an annual survey of Canadian UFO sightings.

Wilbert Smith: Canada's UFO Pioneer

Presidential UFO / Grant Cameron

Wilbert Smith was the Director of Project Magnet -The Canadian Government UFO Study conducted from (1950-1954).