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Study Finds Huge Increase in UFO Reports in Canadain 2001

Geoff Dittman and Chris A. Rutkowski, Canadian UFO Survey

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Summary: There were 42% more UFO reports filed in Canada in 2001 than 2000, according to the findings of a national study released today.

There were 42% more UFO reports filed in Canada in 2001 than 2000, according to the findings of a national study released today.

"There was a huge increase in the number of UFO sightings last year," says science writer Chris Rutkowski, editor of the study. "There were 374 UFO reports made in Canada in 2001, or about one UFO seen somewhere in the country each day. We are not sure why there was such a large rise in reports last year, since the trend began earlier than September 11th."

Rutkowski is research coordinator for Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM), a volunteer civilian group that gathers and studies UFO reports made to Canadian organizations and government agencies. UFOROM has been publishing an annual survey of Canadian UFO sightings since 1989 and has accumulated more than 3200 Canadian UFO cases since the beginning of the last decade. They look at details such as where a UFO was seen, the time of day, its colour, shape and observed behaviour.

Other findings of the 2001 study:

In 2001, more UFOs were reported in August than any other time of the year.

About 15% of all UFO reports were unexplained. This percentage of unknowns falls to about 5% when only high-quality cases are considered.

Most UFO sightings have two witnesses, meaning that sightings can usually be corroborated by someone else.

In 2001, the typical UFO sighting lasted about 15 minutes.

BC, Ontario and Alberta logged the most sightings, although all provinces and territories had reports last year, including 5 cases in Nunavut.

More UFOs were reported over Vancouver and Ottawa than any other Canadian cities.

"People continue to report UFOs quite regularly," explains Rutkowski. "Most UFOs have simple explanations, but the unexplained ones are still interesting, although not necessarily from Mars. Over the years, report numbers have been increasing, even though in this advanced technological age, science tells us that UFOs aren't real." He adds: "This research can give scientists the raw data needed to properly evaluate this popular social phenomenon that is so pervasive throughout our culture."

For further information, contact: Chris Rutkowski, editor, e-mail: rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca Geoff Dittman, data analysis, e-mail: aristotl.geo@yahoo.com The study is available online at: www.geocities.com/aristotl.geo

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