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The Disclosure Project

articles & documents

After 50 Years The Cover-Up Conspiracy Goes On

Hamish Mackenzie, The Sunday Express, June 16, 2002

For almost two hours, one by one, more than 20 "eye-witnesses" - nuclear missile silo commanders and employees of large corporations - described their experiences to the assembled press.  R

Disclosure Project Testimony Menu

The Disclosure Project

Overview and photos of several key witnesses of the Disclosure Project.

Dr. Steven Greer Disclosure Project Talk, Sept. 12, 2001

I often say, unless we change directions, we're likely to end up where we're going. For years we've been talking about some of the fundamental structural problems in our society. One of the fundamental problems is the issue we're dealing with tonight. I will connect the dots for you of why this issue is relevant to the events of yesterday [the September 11 terrorist attacks]. (Talk given in Portland, Oregon on Sept. 12, 2001.) R

Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project

Richard M. Dolan

The arrival of Dr. Steven Greer in the world of ufology signifies a marriage of sorts between two antipodes of thought. On the one hand, Greer has raised the banner – trampled and abandoned – that was carried years ago by Donald Keyhoe. This is the fight to end UFO secrecy. Like Keyhoe, Greer has given it an extraordinary effort for more than ten years, focusing on "nuts and bolts" cases, briefing high level government officials, pressing for Congressional hearings, and gathering many people from the military who are willing to put their careers (and worse, some say) on the line to discuss it. This is his Disclosure Initiative, culminating in the press conference of May 9, 2001. For better or worse, it was a historic -- that’s right, historic event -- in the history of ufology. R