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Skeptical Views

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The Cold War's Classified Skyhook Program (Skeptical)

B.D. Gildenberg, Skeptical Inquirer, May 2004

Classified high-altitude, long-duration flights of huge Skyhook balloons, which often returned their secret payloads to the surface, began in 1947 and continued for several decades. This secret Cold War program was the likely progenitor of many key aspects of UFO mythology.  R

The Skeptic's Dictionary: UFOs (unidentified flying objects)

Robert Todd Carroll, The Skeptic's Dictionary

A UFO is an unidentified flying object which has been identified as a possible or actual alien spacecraft. So far, however, nothing has been positively identified as an alien spacecraft in a way required by common sense and science. That is, there has been no recurring identical UFO experience and there is no physical evidence in support of either a UFO flyby or landing.  R