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UFO Sighting Report


appx 1974


Nanuet, NY, USA


red light in western sky at sunset

Date Reported:

2/5/2004 8:42:04 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



appx 45 mins

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

My father, a very sober and serious person, was mowing the lawn one summer evening when I was about 10 years old and asked me if I wanted to see a flying saucer. I thought he was kidding but then he asked me again - seriously. So I went outside to the backyard where he was bagging grass clippings, expecting to see a frisbee next to him on the lawn. "Where is this flying saucer, Dad?" I asked. With just a quick look he pointed up to the western sky to a bright red star. "There" he said. I told him it must by Mars or some other planet. He told me to keep my eye on it, and I would see. After a minute or so, sure enough, it started to slowly move, then zig-zag slowly toward the ground, then suddenly dart up at an angle into the sky, and then suddenly stop. It would then dart around, hover, zig-zag, over and over again, without any set pattern - as if it was watching various things on the ground. I could see no other details, but it was a good distance off (maybe a few miles). I have to confess, after 15-20 minutes of this I got bored. I wanted to get a picture of it, but we only had one camera and no film. I went back in the house, and after 10-15 minutes I went back out to see if anything new had happened, but it wasn't there anymore. My dad told me that after another 10-15 minutes of much of the same maneuvers after I left, it suddenly darted straight up into the heavens.

Witness Background

Corporate director - Master's degree

Other Comments

Having grown up in the Hudson Valley, I heard lots of stories of sightings, most first-hand. Probably the most interesting were: 1) a friend told me of a friend of his family walking the dog one night when he noticed a small disc (2-3 feet dia) hovering over a power transformer with bolts of electricity jumping off the transformer to the disc; and 2) sometime between Aug 1985 and May 1986, I was driving to college with my best friend while listening to the local Rockland County radio station, WRKL, when they reported a UFO was seen from Rockland hovering over the Indian Point reactors across the river - this was during the day, probably late morning near noon - and there were Rockland County Sheriff's deputies watching this from our side of the river - I think from Haverstraw, and I believe a reporter was on the spot talking to them about the incident. My friend and I were somewhat in awe to listen to this on the radio, and we were shocked when we later called our families to see if there had been anything on TV or in the local papers about this, but nothing. I like to keep an open mind about what this phenomenon is. Sometimes I wonder if it's gov't experimental aircraft, as there were many active and abandoned military bases in the Hudson Valley - some, like Iron Mountain, were hidden and secret - perhaps there are more? Of course there is also West Point, and Stewart Air Force Base. Given the development of stealth technology, I wondered if perhaps some of the grand sized UFOs seen in the area were actually some form of stealth flying aircraft carrier.

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Nanuet, NY, USA