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UFO Sighting Report




New York City/New Jersey


Two UFOs Communicating with each other in the sky

Date Reported:

2/8/2004 2:54:44 PM



No. of Witnesses: 


No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I always search the skies for UFOs. While my husband was driving from Jackson, New Jersey, to Queens, NY, about 7PM , around August about 1978, I spotted a large football-shaped UFO high in the sky. One end was green, the other end red. It was about half the size of the full moon. It gyrated back and forth, and up and down in sporatic movements. My 3 sons - ages 8, 9, and 11 were in the car with us. After making sure that what I was looking at was a UFO, I asked them if they wanted to see a UFO? They all yelled, "Yes, Mommy!" I pointed to it, Measuring from a ruler's eye, the movements went from about 1" to 12" in a split second, then - without changing from front to back, it moved downward - from northwest to southeast, then stopped. The green and red ends kept glistening without stopping. After driving for about 50 minutes and watching the continued girating movements while going over the George Washington Bridge, and over the Whitestone Bridge to Queens, we got to our house. While my husband parked the car, the boys and I ran up to our 2nd floor apartment. By that time, when we looked out the bedroom window, the UFO was almost directly above us. It was aboujt 8 PM. We watched and then saw a smaller UFO to the right, and above the moon. When the larger one girated for about 1 minute and stopped, the smaller one seemed to answer by returning the gyrations. This went on until 10:30 PM. Then the smaller one shot behind the moon and disappeared. Then the larger one shot up from a southwestern direction to the northeast, and behind the moon, disappearing. It was awesome! I called NASA and they said that I was the 15th person to call them. The next day I was told that the story of the UFO was in the 'Village Voice' newspaper. I still search, but haven't been so lucky.

Witness Background

I am retired from Queens College, a grandmother of 3, and work as a substitute teacher in various elementary schools.. I raised my 3 sons after divorcing their father and went on to earn a bachelors' degree in Creative Arts, and immediately went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Education - all while working full time during the day. I try to teach my children, and school children that anyone can accomplish what they want, if they try hard enough. My sons saw me graduate both times and are proud of me. I was an abused wife who succeeded in raising my self-esteem, and can look back with pleasure at all I accompliished. I am now writing a book about my experiences as an abused wife.

Other Comments

They are surely out there, and I am thankful that they haven't wanted to experiment on me. I feel that they are trying to clone us for a purpose far beyond our reasoning. They are a superior entity, and perhaps are trying to let us know that our race is going to be extinct in the near future, and want to become 'human' to live on a planet similar to ours that only they know exists right now. I wish I could live long enough to see the transformation.

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Rosemary L. Caruso

Your Location: 

Bayside, New York



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