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UFO Sighting Report




Ecuador, Babahoyo


Silver disc going slowly in the horizon .

Date Reported:

2/14/2004 12:26:29 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



30 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

My cousing and I where in the back of a pick up truck, i remembered clearly because in Ecuador people are allow to go in the back of a pick up truck when the car is moving, my uncle was driving my auntie was beside him and my mother was beside my auntie . while me and my cousin were in the back , we were talking , and all of a sudden i spotted a silver disk in the horizon that look shaky but flew straight and at a fast pace . as soon as i saw this, i told my cousin , we were both impress because this object looked nothing like a regular flying object. In the past we had seen weather ballons in the sky but this object look solid and heavy and it move way faster than a weather ballon. a day after me and my cousin spotted that weird object . many newspapers reported people that had seen something similar within the same area we spotted this device. i would like to thank whomever is behind this web site for allowing me to tell this incredible story which only me and my cousin were witnesess to . Thank you .

Witness Background

22 year old currently living in Miami Florida , United States. student and working for the city of Hialeah . active musician .

Other Comments

I think the existence of Ufo's is real. i think the US gevernment should come foward and tell people what is really going on .

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Hialeah , Florida , Unitted States