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UFO Sighting Report




hartley, Southern Rhodesia


high flying object to high to discern features, stood still and then shot off at a hell of a lick at right angles.

Date Reported:

2/14/2004 3:27:05 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



60 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

The day was a really clear and bright , we stood talking about our farms and the crops. I happened to glance up and noticed a vapour trial. This by the way was common to this part seeing we had a regular fight path between Johanesburg and Khartoum. So I just mentioned this to my friends when it stopped and hung still for a short period and near shot off at right angles like a rocket from a gun. Now I must add this to my sighting for I feel it will tell a little of how some people see and others seem blind. I remarked to them the speed it took off and they both said it just kept on going. May I now point that a vapour trail was seen when it was travelling along a straight course but when it moved from its course and vanished so to speak , the vapour trail was ended and you could see very clearly an abrupt end to it. However it did take a very quick eye to discern the vapourless change and speed of U.F.O. Thank you so much for asking me about this almost forgotten sighting I had, I was a young man and this was my first year overseas away from my family in England. Kind regards. Brian.

Witness Background

Born in the U.K. My father was a contractor and was one of those who helped our boys at Dunkirk, I was told by me uncle that if he had lived, (my father ) would have been knighted by George 6. During thewar I was sent to a Grammer school in Dorset. After my education I served as a apprentice with a Refrigerstion Compay. Went on later in life to become an interior decorater. Now live in Astoria, Oregon with my American wife, my two sons are both married.

Other Comments

I do have a friend of mine that has a really first class experience to tell you of a most remarkable sighting. I shall get back to you in a little whils.

Reported Sighting? 



Brian Haydon Sivers

Your Location: 

Atoria oregon u.s.a.