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UFO Sighting Report




suburbs of Reading Pa.


triangular shaped object hovered made no sound

Date Reported:

2/14/2004 11:02:59 PM



No. of Witnesses: 

25 to 30


5 min

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

i first saw the object several miles away ..i was traveling south on state rte 222 from Kutztown Pa to Reading Pa. The object first appeared to me to be a bright multi colored star . the closer i got to the object the larger it appeared to me. on the way twards the object i passed a super market where people were looking & pointing to the object it was approxamitly 2 or 3 blocks away from that point. i filanny got to the point where it was , i pulled off to the side of the road & watched it as it was hovering over the field alongside the road . it was approx. 50 to 75 feet above the ground it was a ery large triangular shaped boject with 3 lights on each corner of the triangle. i looked bluish in color the other red & the third yellowish. they looked to be more of a glow than a light bulb as we know it. the object remained still for about 3 min. it made no sound whatsoever & as i watched it slowly turned away from me & slowly started to move .. i watched it till it flew out of sight. to this day i have never seen anything like it . it appeared to be about 50 feet across @ the widest part of it.

Witness Background

lab tec.........also im a retired constable...............high school education.........in my 16 years as constable i spent 30 hrs. a year in the classroom for civil & criminal law

Other Comments

up to that point in time i did not believe in UFOs but that sighting made a true believer out of me

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Temple, Penna. USA