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UFO Sighting Report


18 feb 2004


harefield england


I thought it was a really bright star until it started moving around

Date Reported:

2/18/2004 4:10:36 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



2-3 hours

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

i was lying in bed last night when i was looking out of the velux windows at about 12-12.30 am and was looking right at this star that was really bright it would make you squint it wat that bright, anyway after looking at this star for a couple of minutes it started to dim down in strength and then go full blast again, then it started moving and i thought i was seeing things until i got out of bed and looked out of the main window and just saw this thing dancing around in the sky but was amazes me is that where i was looking is right over heathrow airport somebody (must) have seen this other than me and heathrows radar would have definately picked it up. let me just say that this is not a joke i was absolutely petrified and could not sleep all night and wanted to phone someone and tell them but if i phoned the police they would probably just laugh at me.

i have seen so many shows on ufo's being very keen on the subject after seeing something really strange in seattle,wa in 1995 let me just say that this is real!!! i have definately seen someting now that scared me to death so the truth is out there of that i am absolutely confident now. i wonder if the thing will return tonight watch out for unusual bright stars in the sky over heathrow tonight and hopefully somebody can back up what i saw it was very scary and also amazing.

Witness Background

i work in the media industry

Other Comments

i definately thought that these things did exist prior to this sighting but now i am totally convinced this is not a joke by any means this is very real!!!!! and also very scary

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london england