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UFO Sighting Report


late 60s/ early 90s


New York City/ Atlantic City


As a young child in the '67 or '68, I saw a ufo with my siblings. I was visited again in the 90s.

Date Reported:

2/18/2004 1:15:41 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



a few minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Dear Dr. Mack or To Whom It May Concern;

I am a 39 year old man living in Manhattan with my wife of 20 years and 8 year old daughter. My wife and I are both Art Directors and have been very successful in the publishing field for many years.

I read your book Abuductions when it was first published 10 years ago and I finally found the courage to write this letter after I met with my sister nearly two months ago and discussed some things.

My sister came to the city for a short visit and our families got together for dinner. While in the restaurant we spoke of old times. I brought up the fact that a few weeks prior, when visiting the in-laws in Philadelphia, we took a drive to the suburbs to see the old neighborhood where we had grown up. I told my sister what the old house looked like for she hadn’t seen it in ages either. We began reminiscing and I asked my sister a question that I had never asked any of my siblings before because I thought I’d be laughed at. (I am the youngest of four.) I asked if she remembered seeing something in the sky one afternoon, hovering over our house that slowly changed colors. I told her that I remembered a number of neighborhood children there but that I didn’t remember which ones specifically. At the time I was either 3 or 4 years of age, around 1968, and I remember being scared and running into the house where I tried to watch from the window in the living room. But that’s where my memory of this event stops. To my amazment (and hers) her jaw dropped because she had never told anyone of this incident either, except her husband, and she couldn’t believe that I had just confirmed this long ago memory. She explained that she told our mother but never got a satisfactory answer or explanation of what it possibly could be. (I recently asked my mother if she remembered my sister coming to her about this and she had no recollection.) It was my sister’s confirmation of this event that actually rocked my world. If she saw what I saw then was it possible that these other events in my life could be real?

At this point, I began telling my sister of other events that I had never told anyone other than my wife. My daughter and my sister’s family must have been shocked to hear what I said. I told them that I believed I had seen aliens first hand in my bedroom at our beach house as well as in my Manhattan home. Shortly before the book Abductions came out I had been having many nights in which I felt that there was someone standing at the edge of my bed. I was always too frightened to open my eyes even though I tried with all my might. I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t scream for my wife who lay sound asleep next to me...I couldn’t roll over or move my arms to protect my self. I was completely helpeless. I do specifically remember one night waking up on my back and not being able to move. The room had a glow to it, as if there were a light on but evenly filling the room, not coming from one source. It was the middle of the night, so it should have been very dark. We keep the blinds closed when we sleep so the light did not come from outside. I was able to see to the foot of my bed and I remember looking at what people refer to as the ‘Greys.’ Only, mine wasn’t that grey. He was more brown and had a wrinkled face. Not like an old person...but there were lines there. He was short...approximately 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall and had a large head with a pointed chin, those huge black eyes you see on movie posters and book covers...only these illustrators always get them wrong. There’s more space between the eyes and they push out more to the sides of their heads. And I had the definite impression that he was masculine. I could also see another alien over to the right by the bedroom door which was now open and usually kept closed as we slept. At this point I have no more memory of the event. I can also recount numerous occasions in which I felt a presence again at the foot of my bed in our Manhattan home with the usual paralysis except that I have never consciously seen an alien in this home. But there was one night that I remember waking up and looking over to the right where the master bathroom is. I remember seeing a bluish glow coming from the bathroom and absolutely no explanation for it. The lights were all out and no possible way it was coming from the single wall lamp within the bathroom. Besides, we have no blue lights in our home.

My sister began telling me of two events in her grown-up life that have always puzzled her as well. They were both thought of as dreams. First: One night my sister remembers waking up and looking down the hall and saw a man walking very slowly towards her bedroom. It was dark, but the man somehow glowed. For my sister, he was none other than Jesus. Everything she had always imagined—the way he would have looked. We were brought up Jewish...so this isn’t some religous experience for her. We were not really practicing Jews...we hardly ever went to the synagog for services. Anyway, she was not frightened of this man...she didn’t feel as if he were a burglar. She was always sure that this dream was not a dream though. It was somehow different. Second: I did not get too many details about this ‘dream’. All I know is that Yogi Bear entered her bedroom in the middle of the night and stood next to her side of the bed looking down on her. Even though he was a cartoon character she was terribly frightened and had the classic signs of being paralyzed. After she told me of the two events and after reading Abductions I realized that some people have seen animal figures out their windows or other ‘substitutions’ to possibly make the event easier for the subject to handle.

There are other memories that I am now looking at differently that don’t really have a hint of ‘alienness’ but they stand out to me. I always had this fear of hands grabbing me in my bed. I always imagined the hands to be long-fingered and white (not caucasion). I assumed the hands came from under my bed so I would jump from as far away as possible so that my feet would never be anywhere near the bottom of my bed. But this wasn’t really about ‘the monster under my bed’ because the hands were just as capable of grabbing me when I was under the covers. I also have a scar under my chin about 3/4 of an inch where no facial hair grows...and I’ve never known where I got it from or when. My brother who is 4 years older than me always had nosebleeds over the course of a few years when we were young. My parents never took him to a doctor...I guess they never thought it was serious enough to warrant that. I asked him about the glowing object in the sky and he confirmed also that he had seen it but with a few differences. Like my sister and I, it glowed and softly changed colors. But he remembers two crafts in the sky, not one. He also said that he remembered a news report on TV that said rockets were sent up from Nevada and that many people reported seeing these objects in the sky. I find it hard to accept because we lived outside Philadelphia, (too far from Nevada) and this object had a definite hard-edge rounded shape to it that hovered stationary. It was completely still over the house. After 30 to 35 years of seeing ‘Space specials’ on the Learning channel and Discovery channel, I’ve never seen any fottage of ‘Rockets’ doing or looking anything like what my sister (and brother) and I saw that day.

Neither one of us is admitting to or have any recollection of being abducted, but we are definitly curious as to the events we do remember.

So the bottom line is...are you willing or can you reccommend a doctor that is qualified to do a regression through hypnotism on me and possibly my brother and sister. I would be greatful for any help you could give.


Douglas Rosensweig

Witness Background

Art Director of a Newspaper BFA—4 years of College

Other Comments

I would like to find someone for regression hypnotherapy so I can recall anything.

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New York, NY USA



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