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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

9/17/2010 3:00:55 PM



Full Description & Details

I was an alien abductee when I was twelve going on thirteen. It was night. I was looking out my bedroom window. There was a light more of a glow in the cow field on the outskirts of the neighborhood where the houses, slave graveyard, lumber yard and pasture came together. The area has changed drastically since that time. The town had only two stop lights then, now it is really built up and the woods and countryside are built up too. Anyway, I was watching the glow from the window and I heard something moving behind me in my bedroom. I started to turn around and … I awakened in a white room (UFO interior?) with a surgical style light fixture over head. Tall grey skinned aliens with big black eyes and multi jointed fingers were there. I don’t remember mouths and I think the outer appearance may have been a surgical or space suit not the aliens’ actual appearance. I had feelings of fear and pain and then I woke up the next morning in my bed. There was some blood on the pillow. My eyes also had a feeling of glass or something sticking them or cutting them for several months after that. My grandfather at one point rolled back the eyelids to look at them and said they were infected with puss. He had recently had a surgery for a piece of metal that had been lodged in one of his eyes and had drops for that so I used those instead of going to the optometrist or doctor. Eventually the infection cleared up. I suppressed the memory for a long time many years in fact. I was wondering if you have come across others who may have had the same type of alien experience with the same type of aliens. Have they observed any of the following:

1) ability to magnify things with their eyes.

2) ability to clarify or sharpen images with their eyes by oscillating similar to a bird.

3) intensified visual recall

4) adrenaline surges that allow them to gain greater speed and strength

5) ability to get visions and dreams of the future

6) ability to withstand lethal doses of toxins including cyanide and shellfish

7) extreme tolerance of electricity (8-10 amps) or the ability to transfer the electricity to others even when they are not in the same room.

8) ability to “feel” nature or living creatures heart beats and motions

9) telekenesis

10) advanced weapon and technology conceptualization including light drives and power sources

11) ability to “know” and visualize things from history or science even when that time or subject hasn’t been studied- pre programmed knowledge?

12)ability to recover/heal rapidly

13) allergic reaction to normal water such as mouth soars unless mixed with something acidic such as sugar or salt

14) heightened sense of smell able to smell a human’s sent from a distance

15) sharper canine teeth (for the record, I am not a werewolf or a vampire)

The US Government placed a device in me that turns me into a surveillence system and tracks everything I do and every thought I have. They want to imprison me and disect me. Has any other abductees reported this?


B Cruff