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UFO Sighting Report


october 2003


quebec city


picture of a ufo in the journal

Date Reported:

2/23/2004 8:18:57 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



1 picture

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Last october,in Quebec city,the ''Journal de Quebec'' newspaper release a picture of

an strange Object in the sky.The reporter was there to take some picture of the big

Queen Elisabeth II boat, wich leaving the shore of the town.when he went back at the

office and looking at he's negative, he saw on a picture an mysterious object that he never have seen when he was there. They published the picture in page 2. I dont remember exactly the date in october but its easy to find because its the date when the Queen Elisabeth 2 leaving.( the day after the picture appear ) For a ufo maniac ( I begin to read about at 7 year old ) IT'S A VERY GOOD PICTURE.

Ask at the archive of the newspaper and look at.I appreciate ure comment about what it should be.I was outside that day exactly at the same time ( about 5 miles ) and i didnt hear nothing. Some call at the airport,and nothing was suppose to be there...

Witness Background

Security guard at a refinery. 35 years old. male ,

Other Comments

I dont know why that picture didnt make much talk than that.

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Eric-Larry Francoeur

Your Location: 

Quebec City



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