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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

9/3/2011 12:49:12 AM



Full Description & Details

If I might briefly respond it is not a matter of elitism but rather one of practicality which prevents those in the know from sharing relevant information. The vast masses of people are not mentally able to deal with issues of extraterrestrials and would create panic and chaos if they were to know the full extent of this situation. Stating that I have some knowledge of this, of course, is subject to question. I might just be another crazy,. One thing I can tell you is that any knowledge I could have gathered on this subject is something that I would definitely NOT share with anyone else, since I trust my own ability to deal with such a situation much more than I would trust the ability of any government or the ability of the media and general population.

Any kind of organization operating worldwide without the authorization of world leaders should get directly in touch with me, because I am the one resource which these individuals need in order to achieve their goals. My e-mail is goultar1@comcast.net. They had better get in touch with me now because eventually I will obtain all this information, guaranteed.