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UFO Sighting Report




laurel,Miss and Sidney,Ohio


1980 light turning angles 1973 glob coming out of clouds 1975 web in trees after sis and mom saw ufo over house.

Date Reported:

2/27/2004 1:38:50 PM



No. of Witnesses: 


No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

In 1980, my Mom, sisters and I were on the porch taking in the clear skys and warm summer breeze. We saw a light approaching from the north. We thought it was a airplane. Then it cut to the right and zig zagged though the sky brfore it disapeared. One of my sisters ran into the house screaming" the Marsains are coming the Marsains are coming".

In 1973 I followed my sister to Sidney, Ohio for a night outdoor gathering. As my sister got into the event, I laid on a blanket on my back looking up at the clouds. I saw a light above the clouds moving slowly. When it got right above us it stopped. Then it came just below the clouds asthough it was trying to see what was going on below. It looked like a round ball that was lit up. Semulair the round street globs lights. It then started moving again in and out of the clouds until it went away.

1975 after coming home from college, I noticed spider webby stuff in the trees. Because of the incidents in the past, I had begun to look up UFO's in books and found out that some times they leave this stuff. I went into the house and asked my sister if a UFO had been seen in the sky. She said she and my Mother had seen a shinny object hangging in the sky for hours. After it leaves it would return the next day around 12:00pm in the same spot.

Witness Background

Five years of College. Trades the markets

Other Comments

I do believe most of them belong to our government now. Eletromagnatism seem to be at the root of their power. Experiments has shown that their populsion can be duplicated in small test.

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