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UFO Sighting Report




Orland Park Illinois USA


Stationary but oscillating or rotating bright silver metallic barrel like device/object.

Date Reported:

2/28/2004 9:46:53 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



40 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

It was summer and between 12pm and 3pm when my neihbor Richie directed my attention due east about 3000 feet up. After focusing on location I became astounded. I do not believe but am probably one of the most interested individuals regarding this phenomena due to faith. I have 20/19 vision and was a pilot. Tracking was unnecessary because the objects azimuth was steady while lateral movement remained between two earth bound objects I chose to use for analyzing this. We traded questions while never taking our attention from the object as we were both interested to see how it would depart. I personally was most interested in this aspect of the craft because in my opinion, speed and maneuvering would tell me if was piloted or remote. The object from my perception could have been no less than 25-30 feet in width at its middle which tapered to half that on both top and bottom. The object would be best described as a huge silver beer barrel like craft/device. To clarify why we came to these proportions is as follows: 1) its height was 3-4000 feet of this I am positive while my best guess as to distance away from our position was no less than 5miles out. It's dimensions would have to be close to what I have stated for us to have been able to make out such detail. My gut feeling had me leaning toward a military spying or experimental observation device but this began ruling itself out for good reason. It for one was well within the troposphere where negative gravity is non-existant, It absolutely displayed 0 I repeat 0 emissions while oscillating. Now, I realize that especially, in light of weaponry such as the F-117 Stealth, that Americans are the last to know and usually for a decade or two sometimes, about our 'secret' technologies however, this object had no emissions I am sure/certain/positive. My impression was that it's movement was related to its propolsion because it would have been (the oscillating) otherwise unnecessary if you will. And as you can imagine I wondered if we were that far ahead and more importantly if this device/craft was 'us', what was this thing to be used for? For people who are ardent believers of UFO's and think we are to be wisked away or visited at any time I will throw you a bone. Whether we became fixated on this thing or whether our attention began to distort , I will tell you this. We both, almost simutaneously, asked each other out loud as to whether the other had the impression that the device/object was aware of us. We both believed that it was but I can't explain why other than 'we just knew' so to speak. Anyway, like idiots relaxed our attention to rest if you can understand. The object was gone. As I said I had used earthly markings to keep a fix on it. I had it boxed in. To say I was pissed at myself is an understatement because as I said previously, I am rather skeptical so 'how' it would have departed would have meant a lot to me. We both about two years later were ecstatic over a program that showed thee craft while hovering over Mexico in broad daylight while thousands watched. Again, the beer barrel design applied as did the oscillation as described. Am I a believer now? No but I can tell you this. If I ever had an opportunity to speak to an extraterrestrial I would ask if they too believed in a superior being and if they had anything like our Bible. If the answer was yes, I would be the happiest American alive.

Tom Chakonas

Witness Background

College Degree. Professional by trade. Former Military reservist. Married 23years, 3 children, non alcholic etc.

Other Comments

Time travel, proven in theory has always intersted me in that it could be related as a way to explain UFO's however, if we could or were visiting ourselves from the future why would we not use such ability to avert catastrophes in our history. I know that it is believed that by changing something you may alter everything both good and bad that occurs thereafter but how could that apply to every situation? It couldn't of this I am sure.

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Tom Chakonas

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