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UFO Sighting Report


1970 to 2004


Different States


light dim bright follows us lights up room

Date Reported:

3/1/2004 11:38:43 PM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

In the 1970's my husband and I had a light follow us to our home in Ohio it stayed By our home and could be seen at night. The light came through our bedroom window one night and lit up the room real brightly. We have moved around the U.S. a little bit and this light has followed us every since, we still see it and this is 2004. The light gets real bright and moves close to us then gets dim almost fading away. We've never been harmed by the light but we wonder what it is and why it stays with us. Has any others reported such an experience? There is more detail but it would take to long to write also we can tell the light is aware of us and observing us.


Witness Background

Management At the present I'm on Social Security but I've owned and operated my own day care. Also I worked in management positions for several businesses, tutored children at school, helped my husband in farming. My husband James and have been married for 34 years, we have 3 grown children, 10 grandchrildren, and 1 great. Our children have seen this light and one of our grandsons.

Other Comments

I do not know if our experience is what you would call a ufo but it is true and we know something is really going on.

Reported Sighting? 



Linda Bennett