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UFO Sighting Report




Springfield, VA USA


Silver metallic orb, 20' in diameter, w/glowing band of symbols, noiseless and motionless in sky at treetop level

Date Reported:

3/5/2004 9:48:28 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



a few minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

My best guess is that I was about 7 years old when this happened, maybe younger. I remember having on short sleeves, and the street was still wet in places from a recent rain, late afternoon. We lived on a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood full of young families with children. My best friend, another friend of ours, and I were crossing the street from my house to go over to my best friend's house to play. When we got to the middle of the wet street, I looked up and saw something very strange. Hanging there, just ahead and above me to my right, in the overcast sky, was a big, round, silver/metal orb. Even more strange, there were yellow/white glowing symbols, almost letter-like, that were rotating around the middle of the sphere. It seemed very close by, right around the treetop level of the tallest trees in our neighborhood, much closer than anything I had ever seen in the sky. It seemed to be bigger than a car, but a lot smaller than a house. Stunned, I called to my friends who who had kept on walking. Oddly, they seemed not to recognize anything strange, nor did they even look up to where I was pointing, and they continued on across the street. I was so curious and stayed right there in the middle of the street to see if I could "read" what the symbols said, and if I could figure out what the metal ball was. My only frame of reference for anything like a message in the sky were blimps with bulb-flashing messages on the passenger car area, or planes that trailed a banner behind them. I have always loved reading, letters, communication, and language, so I was eager to solve what I thought was a puzzle. Try as I might, none of the symbols resembled any letters that I knew (there certainly weren't any "spaces" between any supposed "words"), and I remember thinking this must be another language that doesn't use the same letters. I had never seen anything in the sky shaped and looking like this orb ever before, and I remember wondering why is this new invention advertising something right over our street??? It seemed like I stood there only a few minutes, and then I found myself continuing on across the street to my best friend's house. Once inside, my friends annoyingly asked, "Where were you?" I told them excitedly about what I had seen (including both of our moms), but I was brushed off by everyone. Every so often after that, when I headed across to my best friend's house, I would stop in the center of the street, and look up to see if the metal orb had come back. I never saw it again.

Other Comments

I have never forgotten my own strange sighting. Over recent years, with the availability of the internet, I have looked to see if anyone has seen something like I reported here. So far, I haven't found any mention like mine with the same details in the ufo cateogory during my internet searches, so perhaps what I saw is identifiable, and someone knows what it is!

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To my friends, my best-friends mom, and my own mom

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